Dubbo Is More Than Ready For The Royal Visit

Locals can't wait to welcome Harry and Meghan to town. And here's our thoughts on why.

Today Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrive in Dubbo as part of their royal tour, as they are down under for the Invictus Games.

Cue fanfare, cue screaming crowds. Cue elephants.

Actual Dubbo elephants preparing for the big day. Image: Getty

Yep, elephants for sure, because Dubbo Zoo will be on high alert as one of the favourite places for visitors, and a must-see destination for any royals, regardless of the derision Dubbo copped from all quarters about whether it deserved the nod.

Well, we're here to tell you, Dubbo rocks.

"Do you think they'll notice me?" Image: Getty

Yep, once they've done the zoo, there is plenty more to do, and should there be any spare time on the royal couple's agenda after shaking hands, kissing babies and generally winning over the Western Plains town, we have a few ideas on what they should tackle next.

After all, the whole town is excited. And quite frankly, so are we.

From the cultural smorgasbord at Western Plains Cultural Centre to a kayak or stand-up paddle board from Adventure Watersports to wandering Dubbo Regional Botanic Gardens or checking out the Old Dubbo Gaol, there's something for every Duke or Duchess -- and the people of Dubbo are justifiably proud of what awaits the royal pair.

With 1,057,000 people visiting Dubbo every year and spending on average $152 per night, let's hope Haz and Megz have brought their wallets.

And while we are still disappointed that the couple won't be enjoying the full itinerary we prepared for them earlier -- what, no Big Banana? -- we're still royally excited to see them down under.

And as for what we want to see most? Harry chowing down on a famous Dubbo pie at the Village Hot Bake, of course.

Check out our video for more.

Feature Image: Getty