Why Dreaming About Having Sex With Your Co-Workers Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does

Let's face it, sometimes sweet dreams are most definitely not made of this.

There are few things more awkward than walking into work and having to look your co-worker in the eye after having spent all night in bed with them.

No, we're not talking about  being with them physically, but rather dreaming about them.

Don't lie, we've all been there. Testament to the fact is that dreaming about your co-worker is one of the most common things dream interpreter, Diane Bellchambers, gets asked about.

But she's quick to let us know that just because you got frisky with Dan from accounts last night doesn't mean you've actually got a thing for him.

“There’s no such thing as instant interpretation. People think that because I’ve dream about this symbol then that’s why my dream literally means," Belllchambers told ten daily.

“But that is only part of the story – it gives you an idea of what the dream is about, but there is a whole other story unfolding around it that you need to look into”.

Dreaming about your co-workers

According to Bellchambers just because you’re dreaming about them doesn’t necessarily mean you’re into them … in that way.

“Usually if you dream about a work colleague the message your subconscious is trying to get across is something related to your work – that’s why the dream in anchored in a work setting,” she said.

Bellchambers also advised to pay attention to the colleague who features in your dream.

“That person could symbolise a characteristic in you that the dream is trying to talk to you about,” she said.

Sex dreams ... about your boss

This one gets Bellchambers giggling, but she’s quick to shut down what we’re all thinking: “No, it doesn’t mean you want to sleep with them.”

She explains: “Usually anything sexual in a dream is about wanting to connect, either with a part of yourself or with someone else.”

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Bellchambers said that if you are indeed doing the doona dance with your manager, then it’s likely you’re feeling the need to be more connected to your work.

“It could also be about wanting to connect to a higher part of yourself – and the person you see symbolises the part of your psyche that you are trying to forge a deeper connection with,” she said.

What about the really common ones?

According to Bellchambers the dream she always gets asked about is teeth falling out.

“Very rarely does it mean sickness,” she said.

“Usually it can mean likes like you’ve said something without thinking about it, or you’ve lied or you’ve given your power away through your words.”

Second to your teeth falling out, it’s dreams about just plain falling.

That said...

Don’t take every dream at face value.

“One dream can be quite insightful, but you need to see what the unfolding story is and then relate that with your life,” Bellchambers said.

“Sometimes it can take a while before we finally understand what the dream is trying to tell us.”

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