Here's What Women Would Do If Men Had A 9pm Curfew

A simple question posted on Twitter got some very emotional responses.

When writer, trans woman and all round super civil rights activist  Danielle Muscato posted a simple question to Twitter recently -- the answers she got from her followers were quite illuminating, and very very heartbreaking.

Muscato, who also hosts the podcast #Resist -- which fights against Donald Trump, racism and other causes close to her heart -- asked the question: "What would you do if all men had a 9pm curfew".

The answers came pouring in, and they very clearly showed how women are feeling about their safety, and their very real fears once the sun goes down.

Other women spoke out about going through life after dark without being harrassed:

"I wouldn't call anyone when I'm alone in a cab/uber" said one, "I know I’m speaking for many young women when I say “get gas”! It’s ridiculous how often women get harassed just trying to do this simple task," said another.

100% stay in the school library as late as I need to do my homework because I wouldn’t have to worry about walking back to my apartment alone late at night" said a third.

And it wasn't just women who spoke up. Men too, answered Gabrielle's question.

Gabrielle was quick to answer. "We are," she said, and quoted So You Want To Talk About Race author : "It is very hard to survive as a woman in this world, and I remember saying once that if I stopped to feel, really feel, the pain of the oppression I encountered, I would start screaming and I would never, ever stop."

Another man said "Oh my god this thread. Almost every woman says they walk with their keys between their fingers. :( Society, we have a lot of work to do".

Others spoke about the fact that it wasn't just women who felt unsafe:

"It’s not just gender privilege. I’m a man and I can’t walk my dog without a cop asking me what my nationality is. I live in a white neighborhood and they all look at me like I’m about to rob them when I’m out and about. It’s not just your gender," said one.

The majority of women who answered Gabrielle, though, talked about wanting to feel safe to walk at night alone.

Seems we have a long way to go to make that happen. But for now we can dream...