What Advice Would You Give Your 16-Year-Old Self?

Ahh, to be young again … then again, maybe not.

While many of us seem to lament over the loss of our youth, there are some definite bonuses that come with getting older.

Twitter user @unakavanagh decided to ask people what advice they would give their 16-year-old self and the results were eye-opening, hilarious and very, very sweet.

Here are some of our favourites:

First there were the funny ones:

Then there were the work hard/play hard ones:

Then there were the sentimental ones:

Then things started getting deep:

Being the gonzo-inspired, investigative journalists that we are at ten daily (fixes collar), we decided to poll a few people in our newsroom to see what they would tell their younger selves ... and the results were surprising and downright hilarious.

The ten daily team

"Don't hook up with anyone you work with, especially if you don't like them" - Stephanie

"Remember, not everything is about you" - Alex

"Wear your retainer after braces because your teeth WILL MOVE and all those years being called 'train tracks' won't be worth it" - Antoinette

"Don't be afraid to stretch the truth a bit if it means you get your dream job after school -- everyone does it and anyone who says they don't is a liar" - Claire

"Your parents are probably trying their best, so stop being so mean to them" - Alex

"Don't waste your time on garbage people" - Stephanie

"Don't smoke" - Eoin, Alex, Claire and Stephanie

"Save your money" - Eoin

"Don't sign up for a credit card" - Alex