Fridge Or Pantry: Where Should You Keep Your Chocolate?

We might just have the answer to this delicious debate.

There are arguments in support of both locations. Those who are pro-fridge spout the benefits of chilled choc, calling it a necessity -- nay, an obligation -- in Australia's sweltering climate.

There's also the satisfying crunch yielded from a refrigerated bar/block that simply cannot be achieved when kept at room temperature.

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The pantry crew don't want a bar (heh heh) of the pro-fridge's agenda. If chocolate is stored on the shelves in the supermarket, they ask, why should it require refrigeration at home?

Furthermore, room temperature chocolate, while less snap-able than its fridge-stored cousins, releases its delicious creamy flavours far more readily.

It also is less prone to those white speckles that sometimes pop up after choccie spends a bit too long in cold conditions.

We took a Very Scientific And Unbiased ten daily office poll of 20 staff and found that eight heathens ... er, people keep their chocolate in the fridge, while a telling 12 prefer the pantry.

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Interesting, a further two staffers -- who shall remain unnamed -- nominated the freezer as their preferred chocolate storage location.

Not much is known about this freezer subculture, except that it enhances the pleasant snap of fridge chocolate by about 37.49 percent.

Studio 10's Angela Bishop popped by the Cadbury factory in Dunedin, NZ, to sort out this life-destroying debate once and for all.

The chocolate wizards let Ange in on their little secret: there's a special anti-melting ingredient in Aussie choc that prevents it from turning to goo in the heat.

Which is therefore why -- drum roll please -- your family block is best stored ...


Thank you, and goodnight.

Feature image: Getty.