A Masterchef Favourite Just Shared His Go-To Summer Recipe ... And It Doesn't Involve Cooking

From putting a shrimp on the 'barbie to... well, that's probably the extent of our knowledge when it comes to summer meal prep because heck, who wants to spend the warmer weather holed up indoors slaving behind a stove.

We certainly don’t, and neither does former Masterchef contestant Reece Hignell.

Hignell, who won our hearts on the show in 2018, has been busy post-Masterchef, learning the tricks of the trade behind the pass, and lending his taste buds to create a new ice-cream flavour with Gelatissimo (more on that later).

As for how he can help the culinary challenged when it comes to preparing a summer feast – he’s got one word for you: Watermelon.

“I think it’s super delicious and refreshing and can be in either savoury or sweet dishes,” he said.

It’s also the cornerstone of his favourite fail safe summer recipe. “I love making a salad out of it. I use feta, mint and salt and just mix it all together,” he said.

Too easy, right?

Fresh Homemade Watermelon And Feta Salad. Source: Getty

Hignell added that for the more adventurous types, you can always serve the salad as an accompaniment to lamb “or a meaty fish, like salmon”.

For vegetarians, Hicknell suggests taking a whole cauliflower, rubbing a few spices on it (“like coriander and cumin”) and then throwing the entire thing on the BBQ.  “Finish it off with some cooling yogurt,” he said. “It’s just delicious.”

But watermelon isn’t the only fruit Hignell likes to cook with. He’s also a fan of using mango in salsa because it adds an extra “cooling element” to the dish.

The chef also has a novel way of using strawberries - by creating a two-ingredient sorbet that can be served either at the end of the meal or between courses to refresh your palate.

Or, if you’re Hignell, both, with the chirpy chef telling ten daily he is “obsessed” with all frozen delights – an addiction that led him right into the arms of Gelatissimo.

For the past few months he’s been busy working on creating a new flavour with the artisan company – a task which he describes as one of the “best things in the world”.

“The thing with Gelatissimo is that everything is made from scratch, so creating the flavours take a little longer than making it commercially,” he said.

Reece Hignell and his Gelatissimo creation. Source: Supplied

Not that the continuous taste-testing bothered Hignell.  After weeks of perfecting the flavour, Hignell says he finally settled on his - a Golden Macadamia Blondie – a creamy macadamia gelato swirled with rich caramel and topped with golden blondie chunks.

“I have two tubs in the fridge and I can’t stop eating it,” he said. “That’s the best part about summer – ice-cream goes with everything.”


Feature Image: Getty