McDonalds Gives $50K To Dudes Who Hung A Fake Poster In Their Store

Two friends who pulled off the prank of the year by secretly hanging a poster of themselves in their local McDonalds have been honoured by the biggest prankster of them all, Ellen DeGeneres.

Jevh Maravilla and his best buddy Christian Toledo, both from Houston, Texas, got the surprise of their lives when The Ellen Show host handed them each a giant cheque for a cool 25 thousand bucks, which is just over $34K Australian dollars.

DeGeneres invited the prankster pals to appear on her show to talk about their daring heist in which they dressed up as Maccas employees to smuggle a homemade poster into their local restaurant and successfully hang it on the wall.

The poster, which featured both Maravilla and Toledo, went unnoticed by the fast food chain for weeks, but did go viral online after Maravilla shared their story on Twitter on September 9.

The Tweet has since been shared over 260 thousand times, and has a million likes, and clearly caught comedian and talk show legend DeGeneres' eye.

McDonalds also finally caught on, and after assuring the tricksters that they weren't actually in trouble, went ahead and outright hired them for a marketing campaign.

"McDonald’s is committed to diversity and wants to reflect all of their customers, and they appreciate Jevh and Christian!" the company said on DeGeneres' website. 

DeGeneres delivered the awesome news in an episode of her TV show on September 18 before giving Maravilla and Toledo $50K in payment for the job on Maccas' behalf.

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Ever the joker, DeGeneres did have one catch -- the young men had to go undercover once more and attempt to sneak a brightly coloured portrait of the 60-year-old into their local McDonalds.

Maravilla and Toledo were both shocked and thrilled, with Toledo happily remarking that they're now "crazy rich middle class asians."

The fast food giant's grand gesture will no doubt be welcomed by fans online who have been suggesting they do just that.

We cannot wait to see the new campaign starring Maravilla and Toledo, although we're not sure how Maccas will top the pair's original poster.

Feature image: The Ellen Show.

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