Meghan Markle Brought Her Mum To Her Cookbook Launch And Yep It Was Pretty Darn Cute

Doria was "head over heels" with pride. Aw!

Meghan Markle just launched her new charity cookbook, Together: Our Community Cookbook, with a lunch on the grounds of Kensington Palace and the Duchess made sure to have a very special guest by her side: her mum.

Doria Ragland made the trip to London from her LA home on to support her daughter's latest charity venture, which benefits the survivors of last year's Grenfell Tower fire.

It just goes to show that it doesn't matter how old you are, or if you're a Duchess, sometimes it's just nice to have your mum around.

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Doria, who hasn't seen Meghan since her wedding to Harry back in May, was by all accounts beaming with pride over her daughter's latest venture.

Royal reporter and launch guest Hannah Furness tweeted that the 62-year-old was happily introducing herself as "Meg's mom," and told everyone that she was "head over heels" with the cookbook.

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"I'm going to make everything, I'm serious," Ragland said. Dinner at Doria's? Yes, please.

The social worker and her son-in-law, Prince Harry, watched on as Meghan took centre stage, getting stuck in with preparing the dishes and chatting with the cooks.

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Now, let's get down to the important things: the food. After all, that's why we're here.

On the menu were culinary delights from the cookbook itself, like potato fritters with coriander chutney, coconut chicken curry and a caramelised plum upside-down cake.


Safe to say the grub looked pretty good.

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Don't worry, the day wasn't just a mum-daughter affair. Living up to his Cheekiest Royal title, Meghan's hubby Haz was caught on camera nicking some samosas.

Who can be mad at that mischievous smile?

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