The Revolting Things People Do On Planes Will Disgust You

You'll need that sick bag, stat.

There is nothing nice about flying economy, let's face it. But the reality is most of us can't afford to turn left on boarding -- and instead we head to the back and deal with whatever is coming our way.

But what happens when what comes your way is... this.

Twitter user Eric posted this photo, and the response was overwhelming. Almost as overwhelming as the notion that someone would do this in the first place.

But not quite.

"three words: Boiling. Hot. Coffee.'" said one user. Others were equally scathing about the offender.

And travellers take note. It's not the worst thing we've ever seen from a plane. Oh no. Not by half.

While we're longing to meet our love on a plane -- stats showing that one in 50 people find love in the air -- there is such a thing as too far, people. And we're not talking long haul, here.

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In June this year a couple were filmed having, well, they were having, erm, sex. on a plane bound for Mexico. Like, in their seats. Arriba.

Here they are.

Brings a whole new meaning to inflight service, right?

Let's just hope they know where their nearest exit is.

Insert other airline joke here.

Sadly not confined to Mile High madness, passengers have long been posting photos of their own hellish fellow flyers. Head to this instagram account for some delights for a host of horrors -- and we warn you,  it ain't pretty.

Make yourself comfortable mate, why don't you?

No words for this one.

Taking DVT exercises to a whole new level.

How about some passengers who are just TIRED.

There are kids who just want a little extra lunch.

And of course, body fluid and foot odour aside, there's always more of this.

We knew there was a reason to never leave home again.