This Wedding Featured Puppies Instead Of Flowers And, Yes, We Do

Nothing says I love you like this bunch of cuteness.

Kyle Morris and Brian Seals decided to ditch the traditional bouquets when they got married... and opt for something far cuter. The grooms were wed on September 8 in Collinsville, Illinois, and instead of having their wedding party carry flowers, each of the ten bridesmaids carried an adoptable  puppy. 



The pair both work at Partners 4 Pets, an animal shelter in Illinois, and told their local paper, the Wichita Eagle they knew they had to have animals involved their big day no matter what. And you know, it makes sense -- puppies are just little balls of love, right?

“We thought it would be an amazing way to get the dogs out of the cage for the day and a way for people to see the dogs and get some attention to Partners 4 Pets,” Brian told the Wichita Eagle.

Image: Partners 4 Pets

“It wasn’t until after planning our day that I thought of ditching the flowers and having (the groomswoman) hold the dogs instead,” Kyle said.

And so they did exactly that.

The 10 groomswomen -- dressed in cowboy boots and lacy dresses -- each held a puppy as a bouquet when they walked down the aisle of the barn-themed wedding.

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And the story has two happy endings. Grab a tissue.

The grooms are living happily ever after in wedded bliss.


At least eight of the 10 puppies who were in the wedding were adopted.

“To know they are finding forever homes and got to be out of the shelter for the day to be loved on made our day even more special,” Kyle said.

The couple didn’t adopt any of the “puppy bouquets” because they already have three dogs of their own, but Brian said they thought about it, and we are too, quite frankly.

No word on whether guests threw balls instead of confetti. Or treats. Or... okay we'll stop now.

Feature Image: Partners4Pets/Facebook