Melbourne Cafe Called Out For Charging For DIY Avo Toast

The world has now officially gone mad.

Interest rates aren't the only things that may affect your ability to buy a home -- not if you're in Melbourne anyway.

A cafe -- The Kettle Black, in South Melbourne -- is charging $13.50 for "seasonal avocado with citrus, toast and local kelp salt" with an added $4.50 for added feta. And while some of us may happily accept -- and eat -- that, others are outraged.

Writer Jess Maguire was so irate at the whole experience that she posted a pic (and her disgust) on  Instagram and then on Twitter and other users were quick to fire back their own comments on the breakfast menu item.

Some were quick to judge her for ordering something like that from the cafe's extensive menu.

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While others defended her, suggesting she wouldn't have known what she was getting when she ordered.

Which is right. Who could have known the avo would come in its skin, for starters?

A staff member from the cafe told the Daily Mail, "The conversation about our smashed avocado is long gone and it's really popular with our customers," so, you know, who are we to judge?

Feature Image: Instagram/Smuguire