Marinading Meat Is A Total Myth And You've Got To Be Joking

Have we all been living a lie?

The world wide web is full of wonderful ideas and inspiration but there are also some wild theories floating around out there, one of which is causing a bit of stir with us foodies at ten daily.

We stumbled across some rather bold claims about the need -- or lack thereof -- for marinading.

Apparently, this particular cooking technique doesn't make meat any more tender, juicy or flavoursome.


There's even a book out there, The Big-Flavor Grill: No-Marinade, No-Hassle Recipes, that aims to do away with the practice altogether.

So, has it all been for naught? Have we all been living a lie?

As anyone who's made a marinade from scratch knows, they involve a variety of ingredients and are a bit of a pain to get right.

Opting for a store-bought version doesn't save you from the painfully long marinade wait-time of anywhere between several hours and overnight. Ugh.

We hit up reality TV foodie and cookbook author Ash Pollard to debunk the marinade myth once and for all.

At first, Pollard wasn't as worked up as we were about the anti-marinade rhetoric.

"I’m okay with it! I guess it is based on a bit of fact and opinion. Whatever floats your boat!" she told ten daily.

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But her true, pro-marinade colours stated to shine when we asked her about her top tips.

"I’m OTT when it comes to marinading," she said. Ah-ha, myth debunked!

She went on to describe the most delicious-sounding recipe for pork ribs that we'd ever heard, which included a twist on the normal marinade procedure.

"I make a mean spicy/sweet BBQ sauce which my pork ribs lap up. I sear the ribs on the BBQ then wrap them in foil covered in the marinade until they're juicy and falling apart."

Hmmm ... marinading after cooking instead of beforehand. That's a must-try next BBQ.

Ribs, glorious ribs. Image: Getty.

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There is one marinade no-no that Pollard wants everyone to look out for, and it's using any type of citrus.

"Lemon particularly can cure certain meats before they even get to the stove, oven or BBQ, resulting in tough overcooked protein."

Other than that, go forth and marinade with abandon, because Pollard told us that she's yet to come across a type of meat, vegetable or otherwise that doesn't like to be marinaded.

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