Supermarket Mocked For Out-Of-Touch Shopping List

"This is completely ridiculous!"

At a time when budgeting is hugely important to everyone when they're doing their supermarket shopping, one chain is causing quite a stir, and for all the wrong reasons.

Waitrose in the UK -- which comes with a reputation for being the more upmarket supermarket chain --  has been described as 'out of touch' on Twitter after releasing a list of "essential" items for students starting at university this month.

The items were astounding.

The store published the must-have items in its in-house magazine under the title 'Student Storecupboard -- a starter kit for the fledgling cook about to fly the nest'.

Among the 'essential' items is a jar of Rose Harrisa at £4 ($8), Italian Seasoning at £1.89 ($4) and organic apple cider vinegar £1.70 ($3.90). The whole list added up to about $30 in total, and there was nothing to make a meal with. Not even, as one comment suggested, a lowly can of baked beans.

Nope, there was not a bean, a bag of rice or a potato in sight! And anyway we all know most students eat instant noodles.

Needless to say, the Twitterverse had a lot to say about the "essentials" -- and about what they would consider vital pantry stockers for student types.

A spokesperson for Waitrose tried to defend their list, telling the MailOnline: "All these ingredients go a long way and can be the basis of many simple, tasty and great value home cooked meals."

Which is fine, when you can afford to buy something to actually cook with the listed ingredients.