This Dog Should Have His Own TV Show Stat

Why Bacon is the dog we deserve.

Meet Bacon.

Bacon is a Pekingese/Dachshund/Chihuahua/Shih-tzu cross, and boy does he have some thoughts about it.

The pupper was rescued and adopted three times before finally sticking with owner Meg who lives in Tampa, Florida. One look at his, ahem, interesting face, and she decided that a dog like Bacon should be shared with the world, giving him his own Instagram account, which now has 21,000 followers.

The reason? Well -- just look at him.

Poor Bacon had some behavioural issues when he was rescued -- after living on the streets for a time, he was nervous around people and easily overwhelmed (hey Bacon, aren't we all?) But now he's a loveable little doggo who just likes treats and puts up with being photographed for his legion of fans, who tell Meg they think he looks like Samuel L Jackson, Peter Dinklage and William H Macy among other male stars...

Here, may we present his finest looks for your consideration. Agents, take note, this boy is gonna go far.

The "You talking to me?"

The "I didn't do a thing"

The "I think we can all agree this is good"

The "Forget the cat getting your tongue"

The "Monday morning already?"

The "I can be a leading man"

The "What you talkin' bout?"

Managers form an orderly queue -- this dog is gonna go far. Once he's had his dinner. And played with a toy.