Please Enjoy These Dogs And Their Human Dog-pelgängers

The paw-traits are certainly fetching.

UK photographer Gerrard Gethings may just have the best job in the world -- he's spent the past year and a half cruising around in search of dogs that look like their owners.

The resulting portraits of these canine-owner lookalikes are nothing less than delightful, and bring a whole new meaning to the old adage about pooches being a man (or woman's) best friend.

Before he started on his quest for puppers and their human doppelgänger -- or dog-pelgänger, Gethings knew that he had to look out for specific breeds ... of dogs that it.

“Certain breeds would be essential because of their unique characteristics: Afghan hounds, poodles, pugs, bulldogs etc." he told The Guardian.

After putting the word out on social media the photographer was flooded with responses.

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Still, Gethings admitted that he always kept his eye out for people and their pups on the street.

"Many of the subjects I stopped in the park or on the bus, and had to find a tactful way of saying you look exactly like a poodle, can I take your photograph?" he said.

Image: Instagram/@hairbydianadoodle.

Thankfully, the canine-like humans Gethings approached were always positive about his project. A bit of flattery also worked in his favour.

“I’ve been taking photographs for a long time so am well versed in administering dubious compliments.

The whole experience sounds like a riot, with Gethings recalling an overzealous giant Newfoundland who knocked his assistant off her feet only to smother her in slobbery 'kisses.'

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Image: Instagram/@hairbydianadoodle.

The furry photographs were compiled into a fun memory card game where the aim is to match the 25 dogs to their lookalike owners, but the pics are so cute they're worth displaying on their own.

When he's not snapping other dogs, Gethings devotes his time to photographing his own scruffy pup, Baxter, who we reckon is his best subject yet.

Feature image: Instagram/@gezgethings.