Eco-Straws Tried And Tested: What Passed And What Sucked

You'll be sipping pretty in no time.

They might be small and seemingly insignificant but according to Greenpeace the humble single-use plastic straw is one of the top ten items found littered along earth’s coastlines.

Single use plastic straws contribute to the whopping eight million tonnes of plastic dumped into the world's oceans annually.

The issue with straws is that they take hundreds of years to break down -- that's if they're not accidentally snapped up by an unsuspecting sea turtle first.

In the U.S., many cities are banning plastic straws. Seattle, Fort Meyers, Malibu and others have banned restaurants from giving them out. Australia is being urged to follow suit.

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Environmentalists say it's a good thing then that single-use plastic straws are going the way of plastic shopping bags, with major companies like McDonald's and Starbucks pledging the phase them out.

But if the thought of going straw-free has you a bit stumped -- it does make drinking smoothies a little tricky -- there's already an easy solution on the market: eco-straws.

Image: Taylor Denny.

They're reusable, portable, relatively inexpensive and are guaranteed to boost your enviro-friendly street cred.

Think of it this way: every time you use an eco-straw, that's one less piece of nasty plastic floating around in the sea. 

But feel-good factor aside, how do you know which eco-straws are good, and which ones, well ... suck?

The crew at ten daily tested a few -- from bamboo to biodegradable paper to steel -- to help you find one that suits your needs.

Watch our road-test video for the inside word then scroll on down for more info on where to nab your very own eco-straw.

Green + Kind Bamboo Reusable Straws
Image: Flora & Fauna, Taylor Denny.

These reusable bamboo straws are made ethically in China and because they are natural, they have a cool, rustic vibe. They come with a little cleaning brush which makes hand-washing easy -- they're not safe in the dishwasher. Plus 50 cents from every set sold is donated to Sea Shepherd Australia.

Green + Kind Bamboo Reusable Straws 12 Pack + Cleaning Brush, $19.95.

Green + Kind Stainless Steel Smoothie Straws
Image: Flora & Fauna, Taylor Denny.

Smoothie-lovers, these stainless steel straws are for you. The 12mm diameter makes sipping thicker drinks a breeze, and they have a smoothed edge to make drinking comfortable. Like the bamboo set these comes with a nylon straw cleaner and a cute pouch so you can BYO your eco-straw wherever you go.

Green + Kind Stainless Steel Smoothie Bent Straws 2 Pack + Cleaning Brush, $12.95.

Ever Eco Rose Gold Straight Straws
Image: Flora & Fauna, Taylor Denny.

These snazzy rose gold straight straws are defiantly for the hip Instagram crowd, but they've also got the enviro-friendly cred to boot as the food-grade stainless steel is 100% recyclable, reusable and BPA free.

Ever Eco Rose Gold Straight Straws 2 Pack + Cleaning Brush, $11.95.

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Preserve Compostable Straws
Image: Flora & Fauna, Taylor Denny.

These compostable straws look fun and come in bulk packs making them perfect for parties. The bendable straws are made from plants and renewable sources so can be safely composted in your garden compost after use. They're not intended for hot liquids, however, and can get a bit soggy after a while.

Preserve Compostable Straws Green 50 Pack, $10.95.

Feature image: Taylor Denny.