Hero Hangs Fake Poster In McDonald's And No One's Even Noticed

People are SCREAMING.

Today, another hero has emerged from the shadows to shine their light on this dark, dark world of ours.

His name is Jevh Maravilla, and he's achieved great things.

The 21-year-old University of Houston student has not only managed to smuggle his own fake -- but very real-looking -- McDonald's poster into his local store and hang it on the wall, but the thing has gone bloody well unnoticed for WEEKS.

Maravilla casually tweeted about his mind-blowing story on September 4 and it's quite literally gone viral, with over 213 thousand retweets and counting.

The internet is screaming, and so are we.

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He's even caught the eye of US comedian Tom Segura but like whatever nbd ...

The actual story behind it all is truly WILD and should be adapted into a film immediately.

Apparently it all started when Maravilla and his mate Christian Toledo were chowing down on some Macca's in their hometown of Houston, Texas, when they noticed a large poster-sized gap on the store's wall.

Not only that, it was also apparent to the pals that the posters that were displayed around the shop predominantly featured Caucasians.

"There were no Asians," he told the BBC.

It was then that they knew what they had to do.

The two staged their own professional-as-heck photoshoot -- complete with a cheeseburger and fries, natch -- which they then edited to include the Macca's trademark dotted circles and golden arches.

At this point they could've stopped right there and we would've been immensely impressed, but oh no. There's more.

They sent their design to the ACTUAL PRINTERS to literally BE PRINTED as a huge-ass poster.

They then found old McDonald's staff uniforms at an op shop and WORE THEM INTO THE STORE, waiting patiently for hours for their moment to put the poster on the wall.

And ...

They pulled it the heck off!

Operation poster prank was successfully completed on July 13 and by all reports it's still. Flipping. There.

Oh and they also captured the whole heist on camera. Seriously, get these guys a movie deal STAT.

Side note: Maravilla said that they used a non-damaging adhesive on the back of the poster so it could be taken down. "We didn't want to vandalise the restaurant," he told the BBC.

A vigilante with morals?

But the prank does have a deeper meaning than just sh*ts and giggles. Maravilla is of Filipino descent and he wanted to raise awareness about how Asian people are represented, or rather misrepresented, in the media.

He told the BBC that when he was growing up the only Asian characters in films and TV were either martial arts experts, or funny sidekicks. He thought it was time for Asians to take centre stage.

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It comes at a time when the ground-breaking film Crazy Rich Asians is taking cinemas by storm and starting long-overdue conversations about racial diversity in Hollywood.

Maravilla himself even tweeted the stars of the film, thanking them for being an inspiration.

Looks like his bold move has struck a chord.

Now, fellow pranksters around the world are coming out of the woodwork to sharing their own in-store hi-jinks.

Others are rallying their mates to pull off their own covert operations.

So, what's next? There's a big swell of support on Twitter to #KeepThePosterUp, and even some suggestions that McDonald's should not only use the poster in other stores but remunerate Maravilla and his mates for their expert PR and modelling skills.

We just can't wait to see this on the big screen, tbh.

Feature image: Twitter/@Jevholution.