21 Delicious Ways With Bacon On International Bacon Day

We're bacon you very, very hungry.

It's International Bacon Day on September 1 and what better way to celebrate than by consuming a hearty serving of the delicious stuff.

Whether you like your bacon super-crispy or a little bit chewy, on a burger or a doughnut, or simply on its own, we've got a dish idea to tickle your fancy!

Before you dive in, here's a cute little bacon-related fact to impress your friends: the word 'bacon' is derived from the Old High German term bacho, which means 'buttock', 'ham' or 'side of bacon.'

Now get out there and live your best bacon life.

Maple bacon ice cream

One whole tub, please.

Egg and bacon roll

You know what they say, if it ain't broke ...

Choc-dipped bacon

Imagine the crunch.


Bacon AND carbs?!

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Egg and bacon tart

A strong pairing.

Maple bacon cupcakes

It shouldn't work but it does.

Maple bacon doughnut

Push the bacon boundaries with a non-savoury treat like this delicious maple-glazed, crunchy bacon and pork floss-dusted doughnut. Best of all you can get them delivered to your door!

Bacon-loaded fries

Drizzled with premium truffle oil, infused with Japanese-style mayonnaise, and coated with bacon pieces, these fries are to die for.

Bacon pancakes

The best way to start the day.

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Bacon waffles

Perhaps pancakes aren't your thing? Say hello to bacon waffles.

Bacon-wrapped chicken

Two delicious meats in one.

Mac 'N Cheese topped with bacon

A lesson in making a good meal great.

Bacon rocky road

Give it to us. ALL OF IT.

Bacon Mac Daddy

A double smoked bacon, bacon mac ‘n’ cheese, poached eggs, tomato relish and fried shallots in a buttery croissant.

Bacon milkshake

Madness. Tasty, tasty madness.

Bacon melt

May god have mercy!

Bacon pie

It's also got a hash brown crust.

Bacon-wrapped scallops

A new twist on Surf 'N Turf.

Bacon-wrapped sausages

Sooooo you can pretty much wrap anything in bacon we guess.

Bacon cookies

You won't stop at one.

And finally ... whatever this is!

Feature image: Instagram/@milkbar_cafeish, @the.bacon.nation, @thespruceeats.