Yup, It's Cheaper To Go On A Luxury Holiday Than Live In Australia

So pack your bags.

Remember this Tourism Australia ad from back in 2006? How could you forget. It was all about enticing people down under to enjoy a slice of everyday Aussie life.

Fast-forward 12 years and turns out that Lara Bingle's question is still relevant, but to a completely different audience: Aussie residents themselves.

Why? Because it's now officially cheaper for Australians to take off on a year-long luxury holiday binge than live in this great southern land.

The ever-increasing cost of living, and the fact that wages have plateaued, means that we're shelling out the big bucks to shack up across the country, with residents in major cities like Melbourne and Sydney feeling the pinch the most.

Take your average couple living in Sydney for example. To live a pretty modest lifestyle for 12 months they'll churn through a minimum of $67,000 to cover things like rent, utilities, groceries, dining out three times a week, public transport, a daily coffee and a gym membership.

That same couple could shout 'to hell with it!' and instead jet off to the Maldives, Africa, Croatia or the US and England for far less.

We're not talking about budget backpacking either. You could really travel in style, staying at the best resorts and even enjoy added goodies like massages, water sports, and over-water villas -- all it takes is a little planning and some good browsing skills.

The Maldives ... home sweet home. Image: Getty.

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Adam Schwab, co-founder and CEO of Luxury Escapes told ten daily that some of their savviest clients have booked more than fifteen holidays in just over a year.

Schwab shared some handy pointers for travellers keen to leave rent-gobbling cities behind and embark on a luxe vacay that never ends...

It pays to do your research: "When choosing destinations to maximise your budget, our members browse through our emails and website and search for what suits them," said Schwab.

Locking in packages that include luxuries like spa treatments or club lounges before you jet off is a good idea too, as it means you don’t have to spend moolah when you arrive.

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And here's a good tip -- look for “all inclusive” -- which means you're able to eat and drink whatever you like and holiday like a celebrity for a fraction of the normal price.

“Another thing to look for is time of travel -- pick shoulder seasons just outside peak, and you can get a phenomenal package and usually, great weather as well. Also, flight prices are likely to be a lot more reasonable,” was Schwab's final piece of advice.

See you at the airport, then ...

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