Harper Beckham Causes Fashion Crisis With This Photo

Stop right now, thank you very much.

Harper Seven Beckham may only be -- well, seven -- but she's already causing  a style-based stir, and for the wrong reasons. The youngest child of Posh and Becks was captured in a group shot on Victoria Beckham's Instagram on the weekend wearing a pair of rather high heels. And predictably, the internet went off.

Posh shared a snap of her family alongside Gordon Ramsey‘s clan to celebrate Ramsey's wife Tana's birthday.  But while there was a host of other reasons to love the photos -- David, Brooklyn, Gordon's lookalike son among them -- it turns out that Harper’s strappy nude stilettos got all the attention.

"Harper in high heels. Lol" said one follower.

“Is Harper wearing high heels?” another follower questioned.

"Too young to teach her to swing her booty around in heels, let her be a kid. Being a kid is such a short period of time, let her enjoy it. Don't put the pressure of adulthood on her," said another.

“These heels are blatantly not dress up heels, nor are they her mothers,” someone wrote. “They’ve been purposely designed and made for a little girl’s feet."

And so it went on.

"She's very spice girls ? pig tails and heels" commented another.

People jumped to the defense of Harper and her mum, "I think she looks darling. 3 more years when she’s ten and wearing heels to special events nobody will say anything so why does it matter now? What does her being 7 years old have to do with wearing appropriate heels. They make plastic heels for children who want to have an imagination..."

“I think it’s adorable, a little fashionista in the making,” one commenter wrote, while another pointed out, “she’s probably just playing dress up!”

"Those clearly are not her heels, they're too big!... she's probably playing in her mom's heels! SOME HATERS NEED TO GET A LIFE!"

And breathe, everyone.

But that wasn't the only fashion moment Harper had. Just a day later Victoria posted a shot of her daughter with a "Pob".

That's a Posh bob, for those who don't know -- so named for her mum's famous haircut while she was a Spice Girl. See below. Uncanny, right?

Apparently Harper had been watching Spice World a lot while the family were on an Indonesian vacation -- so it makes sense that she would want to follow in mum's footsteps with a follicular makeover to the style Posh sported in the film.

Followers were all quite complimentary about the hair cut.

"In the 1st pic I thought "OH NO NOT HER BEAUTIFUL LONG HAIR" but then saw 2nd pic n it looks great!!" said one fan.

"Makes her look so grownup. Cute style for her!" enthused another follower.

"She looks beyond adorable!!!???," said another.

And even dad David Beckham seemed keen -- Victoria posting a shot of the pair of them hanging about in the countryside. David had famously not wanted to ever cut Harper's hair --  previously speaking about  how much he loved his daughter's long hairstyle: "About a year ago, my wife said, 'Maybe we should cut Harper's hair.' And I was like, 'No! We need to grow it. Do. Not. Touch.' Since she was born, we haven't cut it. That's why it's pretty much down to her knees. I had to. It's just so good, isn't it?"

Then he himself began the long-to-pob transition -- cutting her hair a smidge a few weeks back, and breaking his own heart in the process.

One can only imagine the tears -- from Becks, that is -- over this new short style.

Feature image: Instagram/Victoria Beckham