What To Check A Hotel Room For As Soon As You Arrive

It's not the mints on the pillow you have to watch for...

If you're a regular traveller you will know only too well the delight of a new hotel room, the bed with its impeccable sheets tucked just so, the folded corner of the toilet paper, the wrinkle-free bathrobes... the dirty glasses, the unwashed bedspread...

Yes, it's true. While there are SO many amazing things about hotel rooms, there are some things you should be aware of that, maybe, aren't.

Like these.

The bed

Chances are fancy bedspreads don't get washed every time someone checks out of a room. If it's on top of the doona, then you can and should remove it from the bed upon arrival. Usually it's just for show anyway, let's face it.  And as for the bed -- many travel blogs suggest you check for bedbugs before you even relax.

Pull back the covers a la Harry Styles here -- including the fitted sheet -- and examine the mattress for bedbugs or signs of them. Alert management right away if (are you ready for this?) you spot dried blood stains, tiny white eggs, or bedbug skin or shells, which are often transparent or pale yellow.

Excuse us while we go throw up.

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The glasses

Whatever you do, don't drink from the glasses in your room until you wash them -- use hand soap and then rinse them under the hot water for a minute or two first -- for two reasons. 1: they may not have been washed since the last guest used them, and 2: even if they have studies have even shown that a common hotel practice is cleaning glasses with toxic chemicals such as window cleaner. Before you drink from them make sure you clean them with soap and water, or better yet simply ask the front desk for plastic cups.

Wash everything. Image: Getty
The light switches

This is one of the worst offenders of all. The main light switch and bedside lamp switch are among the most frequently touched places by hotel guests, which makes them two of the most contaminated things in your room. Tip: pack some disinfectant wipes, and if you forget them, use a tissue, or your elbow… just NEVER, EVER touch it with your bare hands.

Or live in darkness, maybe.

The remote control

Believe it or not, one of the other dirtiest items in your hotel room is the remote control. Rarely do cleaners disinfect the random items, such as your remote. Scary Fact: Your remote may have the same amount of bacteria as your toilet seat. Laboratory testing of a sample from one TV remote carried out revealed colonies of E. coli. "This indicates there was fecal contamination on the remote," the tester explained.

Enough already.

And speaking  of the toilet

Before a shower, squirt shampoo in the bathtub or shower stall and run the water on hot for a minute to decrease the number of germs where you’ll be standing, even if it looks clean. With the toilet itself, some sites recommend you spray disinfectant on the seat and bowl before using it.

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