Do You Sleep Naked? Just Asking...

A new survey has found out just who does. So we already know.

OK so here's a sobering and somewhat distressing thought -- the older a man gets, the more likely he is to sleep naked.

We'll just leave that there. You're welcome.

In a recent survey undertaken by bedding retailer Bedshed, turns out that  while older blokes love getting their kit off before hopping under the sheets, only 13 percent of women actually sleep naked.

Oh, and six per cent of us even sleepwalk in the buff. Awkward.

The Bedroom Report was actually done to get a better understanding of the sleep habits of all Australians, but they accidentally uncovered some interesting goings-on in the average Aussie bedroom.

And not in the way you think. Well, not really. So let's take THAT out of the equation before we go any further.

Regretting it. Image: Getty

However, in other interesting bed-related facts you didn't know you wanted to know, 12 percent of young adults spend time in bed regretting the previous night’s decisions -- the younger you are the more likely regrets will keep you up at night, apparently -- and  eight percent of adults have had someone wet their bed.

I'm sorry, what?

43 percent of men snore, but only 32 percent admit it, while 52 percent  of people blame their partner’s snoring for their bad night’s sleep (sorry darling).

That may have something to do with the fact that 46 percent of us sleep on our backs? (51 percent sleep on their side, 26 percent on their front, if you're interested.)

And so it goes on. Do people spoon? Well -- glad you asked.  Only 14 percent of us do, and it declines as we get older (and our men get more, well, naked we guess). Are people's pets allowed on the bed? Well yes, one in five of us sleep with our dog or cat.

Does EVERYONE watch Netflix in bed (with no chill?) (asking for a friend) -- yup, most of those surveyed preferred to watch TV or Netflix rather than talk in bed and HALF of Aussie couples avoid going to bed at the same time! And if they're not, well -- not talking -- they're checking their phones -- 43 percent of Australians say their phone is the last thing they look at before going to sleep, with 62 per cent of young females getting that last social media hit before hitting the sack.

When it comes to what other stuff we do or don't do in the boudoir -- three in four Australians have never had breakfast in bed and 48 percent admit to being the wind beneath the sheets, if you get our drift (though women over the age of 55 least likely to own up to it, Mum).

And in other, surprising bed-related news -- two in five men who propose in bed (and you thought romance was dead) get turned down.

Just like their doonas, amiright?

There's no real word on what Bedshed will do with this information -- the stats they possibly needed related to who slept in what size bed, who used doonas as opposed to sheets and who wanted a King size mattress versus a Queen -- but it's given us a glimpse into the bedrooms of a nation and we're, well, never going to sleep again.