Are You Guilty Of These Instagram Sins?

The travel shots you need to not take. Ever again.

There are two types of Instagrammers on holiday.  Those who take some holiday snaps, post them for friends and family to see, showing the scenery, their dinners, the pool.

And then there are travel bloggers (and their wannabes).

Now, there is nothing wrong with a good Insta-stalk of some amazing places you want to travel to, or a good follow of a 'grammer you like who just knows how to make you green with envy over their adventurous life. Nor is there anything wrong with travel bloggers. Not at all.

But there can be recurring themes. Hundred and hundreds of the same photos, taken by different bloggers because... well, in the words of The Joker, why so serious?

Which is where our new favourite account Insta_Repeat comes in.

"Wander. Roam. Replicate" says the bio of the account -- which now has 218K followers and was created by a 27-year-old anonymous Alaskan woman. The account is "meant to spark critique and dialogue about originality, art, photography and the role of the social media influencer," apparently. And while it does all of that, it's also complete genius and very funny.

Taking pictures from various outdoorsy-type travel bloggers, she pulls the images together to show how many similar pics are taken and posted over and over again... and again. The cliches are strong with this one, my friend...

So think carefully before you take any shots of people sitting in front of lakes (#blessed) looking out from inside a tent to the landscape beyond (#mothernature), your girlfriend taking in the stunning view wearing a fedora hat or the unattended campfire on national park land -- and don't even THINK about taking that feet hanging off the edge of a cliff shot.

You may also just want to go back through your holiday photos, just in case.

Another new favourite is You Did Not Sleep There, the Instagram account calling out bloggers who insist on posting photos of their tents in precarious positions. Run by Portland woman Luisa Jeffery, the account now has 120,000 followers.

“It’s just super repetitive and really unbelievable,” Jeffery told of the movement. “I’m just not into the fakeness of it all.”

“There’s so much false advertising out there with people editing photos and making their lives seem like something they’re not,” she says, of her selection of snaps that show the most ridiculous sleeping arrangements in the wild.

So whether you think travel bloggers are a pile of pretention OR a great way to get travel inspo, either way, en masse it's a pretty fun way to spend your afternoon scrolling...

But don't take our word for it. Check out more of our faves below.

Feature image: Instagram/Insta_Repeat