Yay Or Nay: We Tasted Cadbury's New Kettle And CC's Chocolate

It's the flavour that will divide Australia.

Close your eyes and picture, if you will, the taste combination of chocolate and chips.

More accurately, picture a limited-edition block of Cadbury's famous Dairy Milk chocolate containing little crunchy surprises of either Kettle Sea Salt potato chips or CC's Original corn chips.

Does the sweet/salty, chrunchy/soft combo make your mouth water, or clamp shut? Are you gagging for a taste, or just gagging?

Or are you still scarred from other recent food crossovers like mayo ice cream and avocado toast chocolate to even contemplate Cadbury's new offering?

Either way, you won't have to wonder much longer as these two choc blocks are in supermarkets and ripe for the taste-testing from August 15. What a time to be alive!

And the reviews are already flooding in on social media. The Food Finds Geelong Instagram account gave the CC's block a solid 7.5/10, yet their heart -- and tastebuds -- were clearly with the Kettle option which got a strong nine.

Team ten daily took it upon ourselves to Do The Right Thing and try both of the new flavours and it looks like we're a bit of a divided office when it comes to chocolate preferences, at least.

Half of us were on team CC's, the other on team Kettle. The corn chip flavour, while widely praised, was a little too faint for many testers' liking. It did have a nice after-taste, but it left many wanting more.

The Kettle offering, however, delivered big on flavour -- namely, salt -- which was a pleasant foil for the creamy chocolate. But it failed to meet the levels of crunch achieved by CC's.

Let's remember that Cadbury is a bit of of pro when it comes to these daring flavour combos. With the exception of that disastrous Vegemite incident a few years ago, the chocolate brand has consistently delivered popular crossovers like Dairy Milk with Oreo, Freddo, S'Mores and the Caramello Milkshake.

And don't get us started on the Marvellous Creations. We can't think of a way to combine a block of chocolate with a spider -- the ice-cream-and-fizzy-drink kind of spider -- but by golly they did it, and in delish flavours like Choc Lemonade, Choc Raspberry and Choc Orange to boot.

All in all there was no big winner between CC's and Kettle on the day, which just goes to show how diverse the human taste buds can be. The only conclusion we were able to come to is that both  iterations are well worth a try.

Feature image: Instagram/@foodfindsgeelong.