11 Incredible Smoothie Bowls To Inspire Your Next Breakfast

Bowl appétit.

The super-trendy smoothie bowl has got to be one of the most delicious -- and most Instagram-able -- brekkie options out there at the moment. Along with avocado on toast, of course.

The concept is quite simple, really: it's just a regular smoothie, poured into a bowl, topped with fruit, seeds, nuts... whatever you like, tbh.

That's the coolest thing about the smoothie bowl. You can customise it to suit what you have on hand, and your own taste. Love blueberries? Chuck 'em in. Lactose intolerant? Go for soy in your smoothie instead. The world, or bowl, is your oyster.

Here are just a few amazing ideas to inspire you. Even if you don't end up making a smoothie bowl yourself, there's no denying that they're darn pretty to look at.

Banana and blueberries and flowers, oh my

Just peachy

Chocolate dream

Fresh figs

Living green

Smoothie ... pineapples?

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MatchA made in heaven

With added pancakes

Space food

Pretty as a picture

Full of fruit

Feature image: Instagram/@tinytiny21,  Instagram/@sugaredcoconut,  Instagram/@purelykaylie.