Prince Harry Is Selling His Car Because Babies Are Coming

Is he trading in the Audi for a sensible family vehicle?

Spare a thought for Prince Harry. The poor dude just wanted to do what many of us regular non-royal people have done, which is simply sell his old car online without attracting the attention of the world's media.

Sure, when you're a prince, your 'old car' is a top-of-the-line Audi RS6 with heated seats, a sunroof, specially-tinted windows and second-hand asking price of about $127,000 but ya know, let's not split hairs. He's just like us, really.

Of course it's not Haz himself who's selling the 2017 model Audi on UK second-hand car sales website Auto Trader. It's a fancy-schmancy dealer called Overton Prestige, but a spokesperson has confirmed to the BBC that they're "completely satisfied" that the wheels were once driven by the 33-year-old royal himself.

Not only that, the luxury vehicle also conveyed a very special passenger in one Miss Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's then-girlfriend, to his sister-in-law Pippa Middleton's wedding to James Matthews in May last year.

He reportedly made the one-and-a-half hour trek from Englefield, where the Middleton-Matthews reception was held, to collect his lady-love in London and bring her back to enjoy the knees-up. Ah, road trip memories.

Not up for sale is the vintage Jaguar Harry and Meghan roared off in to their wedding reception in May. Image: Getty.

But the hype around Harry's decision to ditch his ride doesn't end there. People are speculating themselves into a frenzy over the idea that the Prince is doing what many couples do when they're planning to have babies, and that's trade in their car for something more family-friendly.

Indeed, Erin Baker, Auto Trader's editorial director, told the BBC that because the car is in such good condition and with such low kilometres, "it begs the questions why is the Prince selling so soon? Maybe he's on the market for a bigger family car."

Ooh, no she didn't! So naturally now everyone -- okay, mostly us -- are legit salivating at the thought that a mini-Harry-and-Meghan might be on the horizon.

Let's try to calm down a bit, and look at Harry's car sale move rationally for a sec. He may well just want to upgrade to the latest Audi model -- 2017 is literally so last year. Perhaps he spilled a milkshake in the back, couldn't quite get rid of the smell and has covered it with the floor mat and hopes no one will notice till it's sold?

Oooooooooooor he and Meghan are gonna have beautiful, stunning, ADORABLE babies and they need a very sensible and safe station wagon to cart said delightful bubs about London. We just do not know, but we think you can guess which possibility we are hoping comes true.

Feature image: Getty.