Maccas Canada Debuts Aussie Burger And What The Heck?

"It’s clear you didn’t actually involve any Australians in the production of this burger."

What makes an Aussie burger quintessentially 'Aussie'? For McDonalds Canada, it's a combo of fried egg, beetroot, a beef patty, a bit of lettuce and some BBQ sauce. They call it the Aussie BBQ & Egg burger.

Sounds pretty spot on, right?

Well, if you look a little closer at the burger, which is part of McDonalds Canada's current 'World Taste Tour' range, you'll notice that something's not quite fair dinkum.

Let's break down the ingredients described on their website as thus: "Enjoy a taste of Australia, with a fresh cracked egg, crispy beet chips, processed cheese on a 100% Canadian beef burger. Topped with leaf lettuce and a creamy smoky BBQ sauce. All on a brioche-style bun."


That ain't nothin' like the tinned beetroot slices we know and love.

And the brioche bun? No thanks, mate.

Also, for the love of speedos and flip flops and all that is good in this country, where's the pineapple???

Aussies -- or 'Aus-ees' -- on Twitter are simply not having it.

Maybe this is how our maple syrup-loving, Mary Jane-smoking brothers and sisters get it so wrong?

Some have tried to steer the clearly misguided Canadians in the correct direction.

Tomato sauce > ketchup.

Why? WHY??

What do you reckon, is Canada's Aussie BBQ & Egg burger as true blue as crackin' a tinnie after a hard day's yakka? Or is it not quite fair dinkum?

Feature image: Twitter/@McDonaldsCanada.