This Cute Bub Is On Track For 1M Followers Before She's 2 Years Old

She whips her hair back and forth ... and watches the followers roll in.

By now you might've spotted Baby Chanco, a sweet six-month-old bub from Japan, who's winning hearts on Instagram with her lush shoulder-length locks. Total #hairgoals, right?

While everyone's going gaga over her thick, shiny and voluminous 'do, we're over here mouths agape at the fact that this girl has just over 100 thousand followers on social media, and she can't even walk yet.

While her contemporaries are content with tummy time and trying solid food for the first time, this little lady is watching her social media follower count go through the roof.

Her very first 'Gram was posted back in May this year and since then she's raked in more likes than she's had hot dinners. Literally.

That's right, it's taken just two months for Baby Chanco to do what many full-grown Insta influencers can only dream of: tip that 100 thousand follower mark.

Sure, pop star Dua Lipa just celebrated 15 million Insta fans -- congrats to you, Miss Lipa -- but we did the math and Baby Chanco is coming for her.

If things keep going the way they are, this bub will have over one million followers by the time she's two years old. Uh, excuse us??

Look, TBH we're just a teeny tiny bit jealous -- yes, jealous of a baby OKAY -- but it's not like bubba Chanco's success is undeserved. Her pics are seriously adorbs.

Whether she's accessorising with a cute bow, going au natural and letting her locks go loose or just taking a nap, this baby SLAYS.

She even shared her recent salon visit with her loyal Insta fam, and it had us watching closely for style tips. Short back and sides? Keratin treatment? Baby-sized layers? TELL US YOUR SECRET BABY CHANCO.

We're not saying we're taking hair inspo from someone who can't talk yet but we're also not NOT saying that either ...

Feature image: Instagram/@babychanco