Say Hello To Mayonnaise Ice Cream, The Flavour Of Your Nightmares

One scoop or two?

Hello, and welcome to this new episode of 'Foods That We Never Asked For But Seem To Get Anyway,' where we'll be diving headfirst into the creamy, eggy world of mayonnaise ice cream.

Along with avocado toast chocolate and hot dog-flavoured water, mayo ice cream is here to ~provoke~ us on an emotional/spiritual/physical level with its gut-churning pairing of ingredients.

Created by a boutique ice creamery in Scotland called ICE Artisan Ice Cream, the unholy flavour contains generous dollops of the appropriately-named Hellmann's brand of mayonnaise, which is also drizzled delicately atop the finished product. Delish!

Look, we don't know what would cause any sane person to wake up one day and decide to throw a jar of mayo and a tub of ice cream together willy-nilly, but it's happened so let's make the best of it.

The response on social media mayo may not -- yep, we went there -- surprise you, with many bringing sentiment like, "Erm naw!," "Seriously no right" and "Love mayo but this is just a naw" to the table.

It doesn't sound entirely revolting, however, with one brave soul -- who we hope shouted 'I volunteer as tribute!' before tasting a tiny spoonful of the stuff -- reported it to be "creamy and rich" but "not bad." Yolo indeed.

Image: Facebook/icefalkirk.

We also noted a rather concerning number of Facebook users tagging their mayo-loving friends in the ice cream shop's post, which led us to believe a) there are actual people out there who like -- nay LOVE -- mayonnaise enough to try this ... thing, and b) there are also people out there willingly enabling these mayo-loving fiends.

It really is a sick, sad world out there, guys. Luckily this ~unique~ flavour exists all the way over in the UK, and who knows if/when it'll make it's way down under.

We'll just be sticking with our totally normal diet of beetroot lattes, doughnut-shaped chicken nuggets and camel milk, thank you very much.

Feature image: Instagram/@ice_falkirk.