Top Tips For A Beaut Time At Splendour In The Grass

"Gumboots or death."

The highly-anticipated -- and highly sold-out -- Byron Bay event Splendour In The Grass is officially upon us, so we've gathered up our finest advice for the swarm of Aussies headed to the party this weekend.

Whether you're a regular, or have yet to pop your cherry -- okay, okay, you know what we mean -- there's always a little hint or tip you can learn that'll make your experience at SITG -- or any festival for that matter-- that bit bitter.

The gig-loving team ten daily has come good with the festie hacks to make sure that you spend less time lost/cold/stuck in mud/annoying your mates, and more time, well ... just having a good old time.

Image: Savannah van der Niet.
Siobhan Kenna, ten daily News Reporter

"No matter how tired you are, ALWAYS shower when you get back from the last gig of the night -- even if you are drunk and it's 3am -- because there are no lines, the cold shower sobers you up and then you get to sleep-in the next morning when everyone else is lining up."

Albie Abiog, ten daily Product Manager

"Wear good shoes -- preferrably runners-- and this is coming from someone who used to cover festies as a event photographer.

Also put on deodorant, have a shower -- especially if you are doing an overnight or multi-day festival -- drink lots of liquid, and don't forget to eat something."

Image: Atmosphere Photography.
Wade Shipard, ten daily Video Team Lead

"Glamp. At the last two Splendours we've stayed at Teepee Love, which is pre-erected teepees made from recycled signage. It's fenced off, has its own shower block and café.

Never enter the mosh-pit from the back -- try the sides, preferably the furthest side from the main entrance. It'll be sparser and you'll be a better chance of getting to the front."

Alex Bruce-Smith, ten daily News Reporter

"Never ever EVER underestimate the basics: giant bottles of water, wet wipes, extra jumpers, batteries -- also, the person with the charged battery pack is king.

Force everyone to bring their own camping chair. There's no one worse than the absolute scab who forgets theirs, then sits in yours all weekend while you sit on the Esky.

Image: Aimee Catt.

A cheap set of Jenga and a black marker can make for an excellent campsite drinking game -- not that we condone smuggling in alcohol, but you know ...

Stop stressing about what you're going to wear. Nobody cares as much as you think. Jeans + t-shirt + jumper for later is fine. Gumboots or death.

It will be colder than you think, more expensive than you think, and more tiring than you think. Plan accordingly. If you can stay an extra night in Byron and make the trip home the next day instead, do it.

Image: Bianca Holderness.
Jess Lynch, ten daily Entertainment Reporter

"Wear sunscreen, 'coz when you're drunk you don't realise how long you've been in the sun. Drink water. You probably won't get phone reception so designate a meeting spot with your mates."

Claire Isaac, ten daily Contributor

"Dress for comfort -- that means no heeled shoes of any kind. Trainers or boots are good this time of year 'coz of the mud."

Feature image: Bianca Holderness.