14 Podcasts You Can Binge On -- Earbuds At The Ready

Our pick of the best poddies going.

It’s cold, it’s miserable and all you really have the energy for is mayyyyybbbeee to lift your headphones to your ears and press play, amiright? If you’re one of around 30% of Australians who listen to podcasts, you’re possibly already bingeing on something as we speak… but if you’re not -- this is the perfect way to spend a lazy cold winter’s afternoon. There are so many good podcasts out there though so how do you know which one to choose?

Fret not. We have you covered. We're all podcast crazy here... Take our managing news editor Sandra Sully, for example: “I fell in love with radio more than two decades ago while working on the Late News. Podcasts really stormed the headlines with Serial -- but for years radio stations around the world have been packaging up some of their best work. Freakonomics is an all time favourite, so too Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin - just brilliant!!" Need more? Here the ten daily team reveal their 14 favourites so you can dive right in. Get subscribing... all are available on iTunes or head to the podcast's website for more info.

Dirty John

What it is: A mystery"Before this podcast, I really didn't think they were for me -- but as soon as I started listening, I was OBSESSED. It's based around the real-life story of John Meehan who was this highly abusive and deceitful man who met and started a relationship with a successful business woman, Debra Newell. It recounts the story of how Debra and John came to be together and how her family reacted to his treatment of her.  I was so obsessed I started playing it though the speaker I have in my bathroom because I couldn't even stop listening to it in the shower."

Alex Anastassiou, ten daily Social Media producer


What it is: A drama "This isn't your usual podcast: it's a psychological thriller, starring Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaacs and David Schwimmer, and it will literally have you smashing out the first season in one sitting. It follows a former psychologist as she attempts to piece together what happened when she worked at a shady US army centre for returned veterans. Absolutely gripping -- listen to it before the TV show (starring Julia Roberts) drops."

Alex Bruce Smith, ten daily News Reporter

This American Life

What it is: Documentaries "This is the original podcast for me -- and it's still one of the best. Ira Glass and his team tell the most amazing stories of life in America and beyond, from the tiny details about a year seven formal to a huge discussion about gender politics and everything in between. Listening in on marriage counselling, the story of Frank Sinatra having a cold, war stories -- you name it, it's here and it's done with such flair. There is a huge back catalogue if you're just getting into it, so don't be afraid to jump around."

Claire Isaac, ten daily Contributing Editor 

Teachers Pet

What it is: True crime "I love this podcast because it takes place in the Northern Beaches where I grew up. I'd never even heard of this case before the podcast, and listening to new details each week that have been found about Lynnette Dawson's disappearance are equal parts fascinating and heartbreaking. What's amazing is that the popularity of Hedley Thomas' investigation has given the public knowledge about the case that no one had known previously, and hopefully it will eventually lead to justice for the family and friends of Lynnette Dawson."

Jess Lynch, ten daily Entertainment Reporter


What it is: A drama "This is a drama, not real life -- and it stars Kristen Wiig and Sean Penn. It's the story of a woman called Helen who becomes the voice of Sandra -- an Alexa-like artificial intelligence unit that users can use to ask anything.  She forms a relationship with one of her users that kind of goes haywire, and the whole thing is gripping and so much fun! Some of the questions that the users ask had me laughing out loud in the street, so beware!"

Claire Isaac, ten daily Contributing Editor

The Habitat

What it is: (Un) real life "If you've ever wondered what it might be like to travel to Mars, this is it. The Habitat tracks six people undergoing a year-long NASA experiment in Hawaii, simulating interplanetary travel -- confinement, experiments and all. It's part space nerd-out, part reality TV show, and utterly gripping."

Alex Bruce Smith,  ten daily News Reporter

Keep It!

What it is: Discussion "This is like your intersection of pop culture and politics, for people who spend too much time on the internet but want to hear funnier people talk about it. Ira Madison III hosts (the podcast is literally named after his Twitter catch phrase, which is essentially a different way of telling people to "f--k off", and each week he's joined by co-hosts Louis Virtel and Kara Brown to discuss anything from the #MeToo movement to Beyonce's latest anything to why Scarlett Johansson is allergic to playing white women."

Alex Bruce Smith, ten daily News Reporter


What it is: Investigation "This is a ground-breaking dissection of the Islamic State told through New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi and producer Andy Mills. What makes ISIS tick, why do individuals join the terror group and why do they operate in this way? The interplay of memory, experience and evidence will draw you into this unique exploration of the Islamic State."

Taylor Denny, ten daily Video Producer

WTF with Marc Maron

What it is: Interviews "This show is hosted by unconventional comedian and actor Marc Maron (Glow, Maron). Marc's interviews are in depth and raw, and he tends to ask questions that haven’t been asked before -- he has the ability to get usually reserved actors, musicians and comedians to open up. He’s not afraid to explore controversial topics and give listeners a behind-the-scenes look at what went on with during the interview."

Nadine Carroll, ten daily news producer

The Smoking Tire

What it is: Auto action "This is great because you can hear how passionate some of the guest are about all things automotive. They have also previously interviewed the likes of former Top Gear Stig, Ben Collins, and also various presenters like Chris Harris and Tanner Foust."

Albie Abiog, ten daily Senior Product Manager 

Little Gold Men

What it is: Inside Hollywood "Vanity Fair's award season podcast goes all year round, keeping an eye on everything coming out, with interviews and tons of great stuff to look out for from festivals around the world."

Stephanie Anderson, ten daily Entertainment Editor

Reply All

What it is: Documentaries "Technically, it's a show about the internet, but more specifically, Reply All is about the humans who make and use the internet. Each week is a vastly different story, from explaining a bizarre meme from the depths of weird Twitter, to a dominatrix who dominates computers, to tracing an Uber hack all the way to the dark web, to an Australian teenager who started a Facebook group pretending to be the world's most boring company -- until it became subject to a hostile corporate takeover. It will make you view the internet in new ways, from people who spend way more time on it than you."

Alex Bruce Smith, ten daily News Reporter

Who? Weekly

What it is: Celebrity "This is 'everything you need to know about all the celebrities you don't', hosted by Lindsey Weber and Jezebel's Bobby Finger. It's a deep dive into D-List celebs, aka "whos", vs A-List celebs, aka "thems" -- and it's very addictive."

Stephanie Anderson, ten daily Entertainment Editor


What it is: True Crime "Unravel’s first series, Blood on the Tracks, has exposed another injustice in the treatment of Indigenous people at the hands of the law, highlighting bigger structural issues often missed in true crime. The story is about the suspicious death of a 17-year-old indigenous boy whose body was found on the railway tracks outside Tamworth in January 1988. The podcast follows investigative journalist Allan Clarke, who has been researching the story for the last five years."

Taylor Denny, ten daily Video Producer