23 Recipes To Keep You Toasty When It's Cold AF Outside

Eat up, stay warm.

ICYMI, it's gonna be a bit frosty over the next few days -- well, on the east coast of Australia at least -- so we're recommending citizens take precautions and follow these three steps to staying toasty.

First, rug up.

Next, hunker down and binge, binge, binge on your fave TV shows, movies, podcasts, or -- dare we say it -- those funny things with lots of pages, books.

Finally, don't forget to eat, as the physiological act of eating has been scientifically proven* to make you feel about 127 percent less frozen.

*not actually scientifically proven but seems legit, right?

We've prepared the perfect cold snap menu -- all recipes courtesy The Living Room -- to get you through the next few chilly days. It's so full of deliciously hearty winter fare it's guaranteed to warm you from head to toe.

The best bit? We've even chucked in some cheeky sweet treats at the end because, what's a winter feed without a piping hot dessert?

Pumpkin Soup

Best for: when you want to keep things simple.

Tuna Pasta Bake

Best for: curing comfort-food cravings.

8-Minute Spag Bol

Best for: when you only have eight minutes.

Homemade Gnocchi with Pesto

Best for: when you're feeling fancy.

Vegetarian Curry

Best for: when you want to go meat-free for a meal or two.

Apricot Tagine

Best for: when you only want to use one pot.

Classic Fish Pie

Best for: fitting more fish into your diet.

Oven-Roasted Chips

Best for: anytime, all the time. They're chips, dude.

Beef and Pepperberry Pie

Best for: a hearty lunch. Or dinner. Or breakfast? You do you.

Roast Chicken with Chorizo and Chickpea Stuffing

Beast for: re-vamping an old fave.

Lasagne with Meatballs

Best for: when you want the best of both worlds -- lasagne AND meatballs.

Mushroom and Barley Risotto

Best for: lazy I'm-hungry-but-don't-want-to-cook days.

Bacon and Egg Pie

Best for: when you're keen for bacon and eggs, but, like, fancier.

Crispy Skin Chicken Ramen

Best for: impressing your mates.

Pea and Ham Soup with Cheesy Mustard Toasties

Best for: when you want a hug, but in food form. 

Parsnip Soup with Stilton and Bacon Crumb

Best for: when your mum comes 'round.

Recipe and image: MasterChef.
Thai Green Chicken Curry

Best for: when you're feeling ~spicy~.

Moroccan Chicken

Best for: when you're stuck in a cooking rut.

Orange and Vanilla Bread and Butter Pudding

Best for: using up leftover bread -- or croissants.

Rice Pudding with Berry Compote

Best for: when you want an easy, sweet treat -- without the effort.

Choc Chip Skillet Cookie

Best for: well ... it's a cookie, cooked in a frying pan. You do the math.

Thyme, Lemon and Vanilla Apple Crumble

Best for: when you can't go past a classic.

Chocolate Soufflé

Best for: when you have someone ~special~ coming over for a cosy night in.

All recipes and images courtesy The Living Room unless stated otherwise.

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