A Toddler Just Grabbed Meghan Markle's Hair And Her Reaction Is Priceless

Plus, Harry spills on just how many kids he wants to have.

When little Walter Cullen reached out to touch Meghan Markle's hair during the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's visit to Ireland on July 11, the world -- and no doubt the three-year-old's father -- held its breath.

Ooh, hello there. Image: Getty.

How would the newly-minted royal react to this flagrant breach of protocol? Would a team of armed men in black suits -- or a team or hairdressers for that matter -- swoop in to whisk the Duchess away? Would the poor toddler get sent to bed without supper?

"Oi, hands off my lady!" - Harry, probably. Image: Getty.

Turns out none of those things happened. In fact it was quite the opposite, with the stunning and smiley royal proving once again just how poised, effortless and downright chill she truly is.

The tot looked to have quite the strong grip. Image: Getty.

Meghan allowed the tot a little tussle in her tresses -- who can blame him, they're very shiny and lush -- before gently taking his hand and tugging it free. It might be overkill but we can't help it -- this gal is a total natural with kids.

Tut-tut, little man. Image: Getty.

Harry took it all in his stride, cheekily wagging a finger at the boy in a show of telling him off. That's dad material right there.

There were no hard feelings between the royal newlyweds and their rather handsy little fan, who appeared to blow the couple a kiss before they parted ways.

A kiss goodbye. Image: Getty.

Later at the same event the Prince revealed just how many little ones he and Meghan are planning -- or more to the point, not planning -- when quizzed by Dublin local Elaine Adam-Stewart.

Adam-Stewart reportedly asked Harry, “My husband also has red hair and he gave me five children -- when are you and Meghan going to get going?” She told PEOPLE that the 33-year-old chuckled and replied, “Five children? Too many!” That's that then.

The royal couples' cute day didn't end there as the Duke and Duchess also got up close and personal with the Irish President's pair of giant Bernese Mountain Dogs, with both human and animal parties appearing to enjoy the whole interaction immensely.

Their Highnesses meet some very good pups -- oh, and the Irish President. Image: Getty.

Run-ins with both gorgeous bubs and puppers in the space of 24 hours? Be still our beating hearts. Here's hoping July 11 goes down in history as one of the most adorable royal days out ever.

Feature image: Getty.