Your Fave Celebs Are Sharing Advice On Insta And It's Pretty Lit

From beauty tips to personal mantras, here's what we've learnt so far.

Social media-savvy stars Ashley Graham, Gigi Hadid and Candice Swanepoel all took time out recently to answer some burning questions from their followers via Instagram's newly-released feature -- it allows users to ask and answer Q's in their stories FYI -- and it looks like neither party held back.

Image: Instagram/@ashleygraham.

These three stunning ladies -- they are all models, after all --  made their fans' days by dishing on everything from their beauty routines, life mottoes and how they keep the haters at bay.

Here's the juice...

On beauty -- keep it simple

Victoria's Secret angel Swanepoel revealed in a story that she opts for essential oils instead of traditional perfume for the sake of her bubs' sensitive noses. Her hair-care is similarly pared-back, with the South African beauty -- who just gave birth to her second son -- recommending coconut oil as a sleep-in hair treatment.

Image: Instagram@angelcandices.

Over on Sports Illustrated star Graham's Insta one fan quizzed her on her in-flight beauty routine, with the curvy babe revealing that besides slathering her face in a "heavy moisturising cream," she's "obsessed" with rosewater mist.

"I put it on before moisturiser, after moisturiser, before and after makeup as well and it just sets it and keeps you so hydrated," the frequent flyer said.

Image: Instagram/@gigihadid.

Meanwhile Hadid stayed true to her go-to makeup, Maybelline -- she is the face of the brand after all -- when a fan asked about her fave lipstick colour. Spoiler alert: she loves 'em all, but gave some great tips on which hue to wear and when.

On haters -- say ciao

When asked about how she handles negativity, Graham went on to share this no-nonsense advice: "I don't deal with drama. When there is drama I nip it in the bud immediately, I've very direct and very honest."

If all else fails and the haters still hate?  "Block them." Boom.

Image: Instagram/@ashleygraham.

Swanepoel clearly also has zero time for haters.

Image: Instagram/@angelcandices.
On self-love -- do it. Now

Supermodel Hadid owns her best trait, and so should you.

Image: Instagram/@gigihadid.

Graham is all about loving you, for you. "You have to find worth through who you are, not through other people," was her sage advice to a fan who requested advice on boosting body confidence.

Image: Instagram/@ashleygraham.

Her response to another follower who didn't want to wear a sleeveless top was equally kick-ass: "Well girl, I'm chubby too and I don't like to wear shorts. So you're not alone. If you really want to wear tank tops just wear them. Talk to your arms, caress them and say 'I love you arms!'" YASSS.

On health -- be inspired

Wanna be fit and healthy like a VS angel? Get thee to the farmer's market for some fresh food inspo said Swanepoel.

Image: Instagram@angelcandices.
On life -- never forget, karma's a b*tch

When a follower asked about her approach to life, Graham came in with a gentle what-goes-around reminder, saying, "do unto others as you would have them do to you." Preach, sis.

Hadid put it a little more sweetly in response to her fan's query, but the essence remains: What you give is what you get. Words to live by.

Image: Instagram/@gigihadid.

Bring on more impromptu celebrity Q&As, we say.

Feature image: Instagram@angelcandices and Instagram/@ashleygraham.