Shawn Mendes Has Spoken Out About Teddy Geiger's Transition And It's Everything

The power of the pronoun is strong.

"If every person in the world had one of their best friends look at them that way, and express that much joy in what it meant for her to be referred to as the pronoun she is, there would no longer be an argument [over trans rights]. People would just understand."

So said singer Shawn Mendes in a recent interview when asked about his good friend Teddy Geiger, who announced in October that she was transitioning.

And oh, to have a friend like Shawn.

The singer -- who is spruiking his third album -- did the interview with Entertainment Weekly this week and told how Geiger coming out to him as transgender affected him. “I made the whole album with her,” he said.  “I met Teddy the night I cut ‘Stitches’ and we’ve had a really special connection ever since then, and for her to feel so comfortable with me and the other songwriters the night she came out … I can’t express how happy that made me.”

The singer then  reacted to saying the word "she", adding, "and it’s something I really love to say: it’s a very new thing, right? People transitioning, there are still a lot of people who don’t understand it, and to refer to somebody as a pronoun that you haven’t been referring to them as their entire life, your entire life, is very difficult.”

Geiger announced in an Instagram post on October 27 last year that she was transitioning, after a fan asked why she was looking "different".

"Okay… because u asked nicely… I am transitioning. I started talking about it with a couple of my close friends and family about a month ago and it’s given me the courage to start the process. I feel like the next step is to tell all y’all. So here goes. Love it or hate this is who I have been for a looooong time. I love u guys. Talk sooooon byeeee.”

Fans inundated the star with positive messages of support. "So proud of you! Welcome to the sisterhood!" said one.

Another added his own story of courage, "As I'm transgender ftm myself congrats your future life will be more then beautiful (sic)".

The singer and producer has since posted numerous photos of herself looking happy and -- to be honest, goddam cute -- and is currently working on new music, her website promising just that.

Mendes, who made the new album 'Shawn Mendes' with Geiger as his co-producer, says he remembers clearly the first moment her referred to Geiger as "she"  -- and that moment will give you goosebumps.

“ I remember the day I said ‘she,’ and it wasn’t because I said it consciously, it was because I said it without thinking, basically just in conversation."

“I didn’t realise I did it, but she looked at me and she had the most incredible look in her eyes."

The love fest isn't one-sided -- Geiger recently posting a cute snap of Mendes himself, captioned "Daddy's home".

Mendes finished being just the best young man in the world by adding : “It’s so powerful to have somebody you’re so close to go through something like that. It’s just f–king beautiful, man. I really wish you could have seen it.”

Excuse us while we go put in an order for Shawn's album right now.

Featured image: Getty