Windsor's Got Royal Fever -- And So Have We

We made it. Phew. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will say ‘I do’ after weeks of build-up. The streets of Windsor town, where the wedding will take place, are bustling. Marching bands are in full rehearsal mode while well-wishers haggle over the best position on the footpath to catch a glimpse of the newlyweds on their carriage procession. Homes and shopfronts are proudly decked in Union Jack flags.

If you're lucky you might've spotted two Princes popping out to say hi to the crowds. From the looks of the smiling faces and the sea of red, white and blue -- and lots of Harry and Meghan masks -- the atmosphere on the ground is cheerful, excited and totally loved up. And so it should be. Whether you're a fan of the royal family or not today is really just about two people tying the knot. So let's hit the streets and soak up the good vibes.

Baby Fan

Young or old, no one is immune to royal fever.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

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A town crier does what he does best. Watch him in action here.

Well Suited

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When weddings -- and fashion -- bring nations together.

Their big day

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It's not just a special day for Harry and Meghan -- this couple is also tying the knot today. Congrats.

Wedding this way

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In case you weren't sure where the action will happen.

Spot the princes

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Harry and big brother/best man Will stepped out on May 18 to the crowd's delight.

Lego to the chapel

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Still as gorgeous as ever in Lego.

Deck the halls

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Windsor residents are putting their best foot forward.

Three queens

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Loyal royalists are going all-out with their finery.

Raise a glass

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Imagine having a pub named in your honour. Ah, to be a royal.

Dedicated fans

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Fans have traveled from far and wide to snap up the best vantage points.

Markle and sparkle

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It's all about love, love, love in the streets.

Mum and Meg

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Meghan and her mum Doria Ragland arrived at the Cliveden House Hotel the night before the big day.

The crowds descend

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People start gathering outside Windsor Castle.

Tuning up

Is it really a royal event if there isn't a marching band? Not for the Brits it's not.

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