How To Host A Ballin' Royal Wedding Party At Home

How are you celebrating the wedding of the year? ICYMI we're talking about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's nuptials on May 19. With the ceremony kicking off midday local time -- 9pm AEST -- you might like invite over your pals (or just yourself, no judgement) and make an evening of it. There are a few ways to catch every glorious moment such as watching on TV and live streams online. 

Practicalities aside, now it's time to deck out your pad with some seriously awesome (and delightfully cheesy) royal wedding paraphernalia. Think Harry and Meghan bunting, t-shirts, edible cupcake toppers and even a sparkly tiara. Ooh-ah.

Scroll on down for a round up of the best royal wedding merchandise you need to host a ballin' royal wedding party to remember.

Harry and Meghan paper dolls

Image: Random House via Amazon.

Dress the Prince and his bride in a variety of looks including a safari-ready outfit -- perfect for their (supposed) African honeymoon.

Royal wedding tea towel

Image: Ulster Weavers via Amazon.

Celebrate the fairy tale nuptials every time you wash up.

Prince Harry and Meghan swimsuits


These custom print swimsuits take the saying ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ to a whole new level.

A a cup of coffee with bonus Harry and Meghan

Image: Getty and Twitter/@heidilovebaking

A bakery in the UK is selling cups of coffee decorated with the couples' faces.

Royal wedding watch party invitation

Image: Etsy.

If traditional invites aren't quite your style, consider these stylised cards. We think the Prince and his bride-to-be would approve.

Personalised replica royal wedding invites

Image: Etsy.

Post one of these personalised replica invites to your pals -- or yourself -- and it'll be just like receiving one from Harry and Meghan themselves. Almost.

When Harry met Meghan tee

Image: Etsy.

Wear your heart on your sleeve and your love of the royal couple on your chest with a cute t-shirt that gives a nod to classic romance When Harry Met Sally.

Royally excited banner

Image: Etsy.

There's excited then there's royally excited. Let this glittery banner say it all.

Vintage bridal tiara

Image: Etsy.

What's better than watching real-life royalty walk down the aisle while wearing your very own tiara? Nothing.

Party like royalty paper crown

Image: Etsy.

If a real-life tiara is a bit OTT, try a gold paper crown on for size.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle edible cake toppers

Image: Etsy.

Nothing says 'royal wedding' like quaint cupcakes and edible Harry and Meghan cake toppers, right?

Royal wedding plates

Image: Etsy.

What better way to eat your royal cupcakes than off a suitably regal paper plate.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle bunting

Image: Etsy.

Hang this crafty bunting on your wall and it'll be like the royal couple is right there with you.

Limited edition royal tea box

Image: Etsy.

Calm your pre-wedding nerves with a very British cuppa tea.

Harry and Meghan royal wedding mug

Image: Etsy.

Tea tastes infinitely better from a quirky royal mug -- decorated with a pair of royal mugs.