Osher’s '80s Floor and Angie’s Plant Babies Revealed As Celebrities Give Virtual Home Tours

Osher Günsberg and Angie Kent are among celebrities who have offered a little peek into how they're spending their time in isolation, giving a virtual tour of their homes at the weekend.

While we're used to seeing him dressed in suits on TV, it was a casually clad Osher who opened the door with son, Wolfgang, in his arms for a candid tour of his Sydney home.

Image: Ikea

Günsberg and wife Audrey Griffen are the third owners of the 116 year old house but the recent purchase came with some quirks.

“The floor that time forgot from a beautiful, original 1983 cork, how magnificent is that?” Osher said as he pointed out the flooring in the downstairs living area.

'The floor that time forgot'. Image: IKEA.

During the Virtual Open Home Weekend, run by homeware giant, IKEA, The Bachelor host revealed he won’t be swapping roses for Allen keys any time soon.

“You’ll notice, if you have a set square, it won’t fit…none of the angles are true,” Osher explained about one cupboard he first put together himself.

“So, once that happened, I was like, I’m getting someone proper to build these things!”

Osher also showed off his own home-office space where he records three weekly podcasts and voice overs.

"When you hear ‘Coming up on The Bachelor’, that’s this microphone right here. All the Bondi Rescue stuff, all the Bachelor In Paradise, I do that from home ," he said.

“I’ve been kind of nerdy for microphones and audio-tech my whole career, so I’ve always had a studio at home and it’s extraordinarily convenient to be able to have that flexibility.”

Angie Kent stuck with a wooden and white theme in her unit. Image: Ikea

While fans were first  invited into Angie Kent’s lounge room when she first starred on Gogglebox, she gave a virtual tour of her new apartment.

The reality TV star revealed a white and wooden living room which she’s “absolutely mad for”.

“It’s kind of let me go wild with how I want to decorate but keeping it nice and matchy-matchy which I’ve never really done before,” she explained.

“Home is where the heart is but I’ve never had my own space. So, this is the first time I’ve been able to have my own little apartment and set it up so it’s really important for me to feel safe.”

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This includes the addition of a “meditation section”.

“I try to do some writing here, some reading, just some ‘Angie time’,” she explained.

However, it’s the greenery in her unit that draws attention.

“Unfortunately, my landlord won’t let me get a puppy and being a massive rescue dog lover, that breaks my heart so I’ve taken up plants.”

“I’m not very good at it but practice makes perfect. I’m hoping to deck out this whole place with plants once I stop killing them!”

Image: IKEA.

IKEA said the nine virtual tours over the weekend aimed to “share a glimpse into their world, at a time when the home has never been so important”.