Hack To Perfectly Clean Candle Jars Goes Viral

If you've been burning lots of candles during self isolation, you wouldn't be the only one.

Items used to make our homes a little more comfortable during self isolation have been soaring in sales and that includes scented candles.

Searches for indoor decor, candles and bathrobes have seen an increase over the last few months, according to Groupon.



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And with candles booming in popularity again, many of us are wondering how we can keep and re-purpose the beautiful jars these candles come in.

That's why one woman's clever hack for removing the disc of wax at the bottom of your candle jar is going viral, having been liked over 55,000 times on TikTok.

The wax is removed easily from the jar. Image: TikTok

"Self-isolation entertainment and cleaning out my candle cabinet," Shelby Monroe, 24, from Missouri, captioned the video.

Shelby starts by removing the labels from her candles, sticking them on zip lock bags so she can store the discs while keeping track of their scent to later be reused in a candle warmer.

She then boils a pot of water on a stove and pours the boiling water into each candle jar, filling them to the top. When the water cools, you are then easily able to remove the disc of wax in one piece.

Pour boiling water into the candle jar (left) and set aside until it cools (right). Image: TikTok

Many were impressed with the viral hack, with one writing: "OMG!! LOVING this."

Others explained you could also freeze your candles to remove the wax from the bottom of the jar.



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"Freezing candles separates the wax from the jar and I'll pop right out!" another wrote, adding it is "much safer than boiling water."

Now we can reuse all of those candles jars around the home without them going to waste. Winning.

Featured image: TikTok

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