'Pancake Cereal' Is The Best Hybrid Food Trend To Come Out Of Isolation

If you're up to your elbows in panic-bought flour, there's a new hybrid food trend here to sweeten up your mornings.

While some (nay, most) viral flavour combinations are all kinds of wrong, every now and again the internet delights us with a recipe so genius, we can’t believe we hadn’t already thought of it.

Pancake cereal is one of those culinary eureka moments, and it’s perfectly suited to a cold, socially distanced winter.



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The recipe is simple -- instead of cooking up a few standard-sized pancakes, you make dozens of tiny ones. Throw these into a bowl with your favourite pancake toppings, then shovel them into your gob like cereal.

The premise is exactly the same as regular pancakes, but the process is a tad different.

Pour the batter into the pan to create little discs no bigger than a 20 cent coin. You might want to use a makeshift piping bag for extra precision. Due to their size, they will bubble up and cook through quicker. So expect to flip them over a lot sooner than you’re used to.

It’s not rocket science, but it is a feat of iso ingenuity.

Pancake cereal is everywhere on Instagram and TikTok right now. Creative cooks are putting their own spin on the recipe with whatever toppings they already have in their pantries.

Most people are keeping it traditional, with the ever-delicious combination of butter and maple syrup.

But there are a thrifty few who have rifled through the snack drawer, just like this food blogger who made a mouth-watering version with mini m&ms and chocolate chips.

It’s easy, it’s delicious, and it takes advantage of all the baking essentials we’ve hoarded since heading into isolation -- pancake cereal is everything we need right now and more.

Featured Image: Instagram

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