The Hot Cross Bun Hack That Increases Your Butter-Spreading Ratio

Let's get one thing straight, when it comes to hot cross buns, the best thing about them is slathering them with butter.

But buttering your hot cross bun can sometimes present you with more problems than should be allowed at Easter. Even more so when we're facing an Easter at home due to a global pandemic.

To start with, cutting a bun in half can sometimes make it difficult to fit both pieces in the toaster. A halved bun also doesn't allow you to get as much butter on as you might like on the surface.

Basically, hot cross buns are just butter holders. And without butter, they don't taste anywhere near as good. So this situation might leave you eating more hot cross buns than you originally intended, just to get an adequate butter fix.



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But now, home cooks Annie Piper and Will Porter have indulged us with a hack for getting more butter on your bun. And it might've just changed everything about Easter.

On their Instagram account Getting Cooked With Annie and Will, the pair shared the trick on their story. And it was called 'revolutionary' by Broadsheet.

“We’re coming at you this morning with a kitchen hack. Take a hot cross bun, but instead of cutting it into two… cut it into three," Piper said.

Wait... why had we never considered this before?

Annie Piper and Will Porter. Image: Supplied

“Double-cut hot cross buns are completely logical. Halving the bun usually leaves the bun too thick, burnt on the corners, and your hands sticky from trying to push the fat pieces into the toaster," Piper correctly pointed out, before offering the world's best solution.

Annie cutting the hot cross buns in threes. Image: Supplied

"When you double-cut it, you feel as though you’re getting more bang for your buck. It makes the toasting process quicker, and there’s more space to spread glorious butter on."

And this just about changes everything we thought we knew about hot cross buns and subsequently Easter.

“Let’s be real, one bun is never enough. You’re going to have two, so instead of having four pieces, why not have six?" Piper asked.

"I’ve been doing it since I was a kid. Some people disapprove but they’re wrong.”

The perfect butter to hot cross bun ratio. Image: Supplied

Now go forth and increase that all important butter to bun ratio on your Easter long weekend.

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