The Cheap Laptop Trick That Lets You Work From Home While In Bed

It doesn't take long when you're working from home to discover how inadequate your desk setup is.

That fancy looking chair? Turns out it's not all that comfortable to sit on for the duration of a 'work day'. Your laptop? Say hello to eye strain from looking at a tiny screen all day.

They're just some of the perils of working remotely. And if you've now found yourself also working alongside a partner or a house mate, space becomes yet another problem.

So all of a sudden, the allure of working from your bed or a couch becomes all too tempting. While not a long term solution, it can be handy to be able to work from these locations, even if only for a few hours.

Enter: the $15 Kmart Folding Serve Tray.



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Many who have found themselves suddenly working from home have become big fans of the item -- usually used for serving breakfast in bed -- as it allows you with a flat work surface to place your laptop on.

“Not really a hack but brought the Kmart folding tray today. It's perfect to sit my laptop on whilst I'm in bed. Also could be used as a cheese platter! So obsessed!” a shopper wrote in the Kmart Hacks  & Decor Facebook group, while sharing a photo of herself using the item while in bed.

Very clever. Image: Facebook

Another benefit of the tray is its fold-able legs that means it can be packed away when not in use.

A fellow shopper also pointed out aside from using it to work on, it's also great for after work when you're watching Stan or Netflix in bed.

Genius. Image: Facebook

Some Kmart stores however, have been quick to sell out of the item on their shelves, in addition to other items such as at home gym equipment, as people prepare for self isolation with a number of closures, gyms being included, announced by the government on Sunday evening.

But the good news is they are still available online and can be delivered to your doorstep, a sensible option while we are being encouraged to self isolate and limit our outdoor trips as much as possible to stifle the spread of coronavirus.



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Aside from the $15 Kmart version that is alluring due to its cheap price point, there are also a number of other similar options on the market that have added features.

Couchmate have a number of options, one of them being the Lapmate, a nifty lap table. It has six different levels of incline and adjustable legs so you can set it up to your own comfort.

A section of the surface can also be folded up if you want to place your laptop on more of an incline to allow for easier typing or if you want to place a tablet on it.

There's also a handy drawer on the side for any little bits and pieces. Fancy.



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The Lapmate is $69.95 and can be purchased and delivered directly through Couchmate. It's available in Myer too.

So it seems working from the comfort of your own bed during self isolation is all but a click away.

Featured image: Facebook

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