The 'Game Changing' Hack That Keeps Avocados Fresh For Months

One woman has discovered a delightfully simple way to restore avocados back to their original glory, even after four long months.

For all that is so good about them, avocados can be a real pain in the pantry. The fruit is notoriously temperamental when it comes to ripeness and can somehow go brown in the blink of an eye.

Fortunately, there is a hack out there to keep them ripe for a long, long time.

Health food aficionado Bethany Ugarte took to Instagram to share her genius tip for preserving the much-loved Hass avocado, and folks are saying it's so good, it's practically witchcraft.

In her Instagram video, Bethany holds a frozen avo in her hand that she says has been in the freezer for four months.

Run it under hot water and let it sit on the counter just for thirty minutes and it'll be just like new.

Returning to her defrosted avocado half an hour later, Bethany then guides us through the proper peeling process, "I can press my fingers into so I know I can cut it open with a knife now."

She then slices the skin into quarters and peels it back to check inside, revealing a soft, vibrant green avocado that looks exactly as it would if you just bought it.



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Keeping avocados fresh can be tricky at the best of times, so it's a nice surprise to know that they can not only survive, but also flourish in a freezer.

The key trick in this method is the hot water step. It speeds up the defrosting process without giving the fruit time to go brown. It also helps the avo return to its original softness.

Many Aussies are looking for easy and effective food storage hacks right now as supermarkets put sanctions on the number of particular products you can purchase.



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Fortunately, avocados are exempt from that list, so there's no need to go out and buy four dozen and shove them in your mini fridge.

But this hack can be super helpful if you ever get a hankering for avo and want to eat one that's just right.

Featured Image: Instagram

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