Aldi Shoppers Discover Hilariously Awkward Problem With Chocolate Bunny

Lately, supermarket shelves are looking grim -- but one woman has made a discovery that is sure to make you smile.

An observant shopper has taken to the Aldi Mums Facebook group to share her hilariously awkward find -- a chocolate Easter bunny that looks desperate for a wee.

"Is it me or do the bunnies look like they need to go pee?" the woman asked on Facebook, alongside a photo of Aldi's Dairy Find 'Giant Easter Bunny' chocolates.

The foil-covered rabbits have crossed arms and look to be holding their bladders, just like little kids do when they're busting for a number one. And the rabbits' big, bulging eyes certainly don't help the situation.

Image: Facebook

The caption continued, "Hahaha yes I am aware they holding eggs but to me it looks they doing the pee dance."

The post has garnered two and a half thousand likes and laughing reacts on Facebook, and hundreds of comments poking fun at the cheeky discovery.

"I can't un-see it now," wrote one group member alongside a bundle of laughing emojis.



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"They actually look like my kids when I ask 'who did it?'"

Plenty quipped that the bunnies are probably trying to hold it due to Australia's panic buying toilet paper situation.

They look worried, there’s no toilet paper left.

"Gotta hold it for now while there's a toilet paper shortage."

Supermarkets have become a site for chaos lately. So it's nice to see that we can still find humour in the little things on our shelves.

Featured Image: Facebook

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