Bunnings Are Hosting A Vegan Sausage Sizzle And Aussies Are Furious

Some cultures worship gods, others celebrities -- in Australia, we worship the sacred sausage sizzle.

And when somebody challenges the holy bread, loyalists are quick to cry foul.

A Western Australian Bunnings Warehouse are set to host a vegan sausage sizzle. And apparently, that's an act of downright blasphemy.

Greyhound Adoptions WA are organising a vegan and plant-based sausage sizzle at Rockingham Bunnings next Thursday to raise funds for animal welfare.

According to the Facebook event, the "groundbreaking" fundraiser hopes to support "the vegan community with choice." It's a first of its kind in the state, with a similar event in Victoria last year garnering a whole lot of attention, and of course, controversy.



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At time of reporting, organisers behind the charity barbecue have not expressed any intention to actively force vegan sausages into the mouths of  Rockingham residents. But looking over the ropeable comments, you'd really think they were.

One Facebook post about the scheduled event has become a veritable smorgasbord of anti-vegan fury. The comments are teaming with Australians who are upset by the very idea of a meat-free Bunnings barbie.



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"Funny how the vegan tries to replicate the very item they ridicule," wrote one critic in the comments.

"Hopefully this is a one time off, vegan sausages belong in the bin," added another.

Umm no!! I sad to say I live in Rockingham but I can guarantee I won’t be buying a sausage sizzle there. In fact I may take my own and eat it there!

Many said that the charity fundraiser shouldn't expect to make any money.

"Good luck making any money ....... Done 5 Bunnings sizzles I recon had about 15 people ask for vegan options out of cooking about 200kg of snags."

"This just in, Bunnings charity sausage sizzle takes home record low for charity."

Some were concerned it was unfair to not offering both options for the customers to decide between.

Forget it ....who wannts Vegan...they shouldnt push this onto customers...offer both and be fair!

Among the cranky comments, there was plenty of support for the initiative.

"No one's forcing you to eat it," reads one of the top comments. "Adopt a greyhound n quit being so sensitive."



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A number of commenters pointed out the irony in serving meat products at a fundraiser for animal welfare.

"About time! I never understand why animal welfare groups such as RSPCA choose to fundraise with cooked animals at Bunnings to save animals?"

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There were even meat eaters who expressed their excitement to try something different.

"I am not vegan, I eat meat, but equal opportunity for all groups, diets and causes, great to see, and for an excellent cause, best of luck."

These are uncertain times in Australia.

But there are a few things we can be sure of -- where there's smoke, there's fire. And where there's vegan 'meat', there are angry Aussies.

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