Adam Liaw On The Pantry Staples You Need If You're Home For Two Weeks

The former MasterChef contestant is full of pearls of wisdom.

From myth busting some of the most common food myths to telling us the right way to eat a sausage on bread, there's not much the cooking expert doesn't know.

Now, he's shared his wisdom when it comes to the items you should have in your pantry, should you happen to be quarantining yourself amid the recent coronavirus epidemic.



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Liaw wrote his list for the things you might want to pickup if you're planning on spending a little more time indoor than you usually do to stifle the spread of the virus, for Good Food.

He suggested grabbing the following items (and no, it doesn't include toilet paper):

  1. Salt - to use as a preservative
  2. Flour - but not self-raising, because it's not as versatile
  3. Eggs - can be used in just about anything
  4. Dried mushrooms - a good meat substitute
  5. Chuck steak - adds texture to your meals and can be frozen
  6. Rice - it turns 'anything into a meal'
  7. Frozen peas - to keep your greens up
  8. Dried beans - can be used to bulk up dishes
  9. Polenta - an underrated staple, according to Liaw
  10. Sugar - a basis of all good baking projects

Interestingly, there is no pasta in sight when it comes to Liaw's list, despite this being one of the most common items people are stocking up on at the moment.

Many fans thanked Liaw for his list on Twitter, noting that he was surely going to create shortages in the supermarket with his recommendations.

"Wowsers. Life saver! Thank you!" wrote one.



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"I love this so much!" added another.

"Actually sensible advice on what to stockpile. Nice one!" commented a third.

"Totally blaming you when I’m faced with empty polenta shelves at the shops next week, Adam," a fan wrote, to which another responded: "No one wants to buy the polenta. Or the couscous. Don’t worry."

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