ALDI Has Released 'Anti-Snore' Pillows, But Do They Actually Work?

Two-packs of 'Anti-Snore Pillows' may soon be popping up in ALDI aisles all around the country -- before you get your hopes, here's what you need to know.

If you or the person you share your bed with snores, you're probably beyond desperate to find a miracle cure. And looking over the glowing reviews of ALDI's anti-snore pillows, this could be the quick fix you're after.

ALDI's UK stores are selling Kirkton House Anti Snore Pillows for $20. The retailer is claiming that the product's "S-shaped foam insert" works to elevate the head, thus keeping airways open while you sleep.

"My husband stopped snoring after using these. I could marry Mr Aldi," wrote one happy customer on the company's website.

The Kirkton House Anti Snore Pillows are available on the retailer's UK website. Image: ALDI

But can the shape of a pillow really stop you from snoring? We spoke to a sleep expert to find out.

Sleep specialist Olivia Arezzolo previously told 10 daily that your choice of pillow can alleviate snoring, especially if the pillow causes you to sleep on an incline, just as the S-shaped insert would have you do.



Fans Of A $42 Pillow Say It Cures Snoring, Here's What A Sleep Expert Thinks

Sleep specialist Olivia Arezzolo explains how one wedged-shaped pillow has managed to rake in almost a thousand five star reviews on Amazon.

"If you snore, the advantage of sleeping on a wedge pillow is that it actually forces you to sleep on your side," she told 10 daily. "But I wouldn't say it outweighs the other factors."

According to Arezzolo, it's more important to investigate why you are snoring, rather than attempt to find a short term solution.

"Make sure you're maintaining a healthy weight and cut out alcohol," is Arezzolo's key piece of advice for snorers.

If you're at your wit's end and simply can't take the snoring anymore, there are a number of incline pillows available on the market for a range of prices. Reviews suggest that they can also be helpful in managing other sleep issues, like acid reflux.

At this stage, the ALDI anti-snore pillows are not yet available in Australia. But keep an eye on their Special Buys, your ability to get a good night's sleep could depend on it.

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