Mums Discover $1 Laundry Hack That Works Better Than Fabric Softener

Good news, the secret ingredient behind super soft sheets is probably already in your cupboard.

It's vinegar -- the humble pantry staple that is apparently as good at cleaning your linen as it is flavouring your hot chips.

In a popular thread in the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, Aussies are singing the praises of vinegar for its ability to soften sheets without covering them in those pesky balls of lint.

Group member Nadja is a huge fan of the affordable laundry hack, writing: "Now I can save money AND not use toxic chemicals on things that are touching my skin every single day."

It's also supposed to brighten your whites. Image: Getty

Nadja said that when she first heard of the hack, she was worried it would make her sheets smell. But instead, she found it did exactly the opposite.

They were beautifully soft, smelled amazing and the knowledge that it's cheap and completely natural for my baby's skin made me all the more happy.

For the best results, the mum recommends you blend the vinegar with a few drops of essential oils.

Nadja's post garnered more than 150 comments, with many tidiers keen to know exactly how it works.



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According to one commenter, between one quarter and half a cup of vinegar will suit the average dryer. And that amount of vinegar should only require "four to five" drops of essential oils.

"Oh wow I didn't know this," wrote one mum.

I have been using vinegar in the rinse water for years, can’t beat it. So far no problems with the machine or the rubbers.



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Some commenters expressed concern that vinegar could rust their dryers, but were reassured by savvy mums who said that vinegar is actually effective in removing rust and cleaning the dryer, especially when you add baking soda.

For little more than a couple of dollars, soft, lint-free sheets could be yours in a matter of minutes.

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