Gird Your Toast, Lindt Hazelnut Spread Is Coming To Australia

The decadent spread is set to hit Aussie shelves soon, proving once and for all that chocolate is, in fact, a breakfast food.

When Lindt's hazelnut spread found its way into the aisles of English supermarkets last year, the Brits went absolutely nuts for it. It sold out almost instantly in stores and online.

And now Australians can get in on the action. Lindt will soon be blessing Australia's kitchen counters with not one, but two different chocolatey spreads.

The nut-torious Lindt 25 percent Hazelnut Spread will be available in Coles supermarkets from March. And the Lindt Cocoa Spread will be found in across all major stores in May.

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Each jar will knock you back $10, which is a fair whack to the wallet for something you could gobble down in a matter of minutes if you have an empty stomach and a can-do attitude.

With its whopping 25 percent hazelnut content, the popular spread is packed with almost double the amount of hazelnuts a lot of other brands offer. This is no beginners snack, this is for someone who is nuts for nuts.



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Cadbury's marble dairy milk chocolate has finally made it's rightful return to Australia's supermarket shelves.

Given our country's obsession with hybrid snacks and baked goodies, it is probably only a matter of time before we see the spreads make their way onto many a stuffed doughnut and wood fired pizza.

So ditch your eggs and dump your smoothies, because your brekkie just got a whole lot more decadent.

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