Dear Plant Murderers, Here's What You Need To Know About Bunnings' 12 Month Warranty

Bunnings have implemented a cheeky little refund policy for those of us who simply can't keep our indoor plants alive.

Dead plants. They happen to the best of us.

Perhaps you're cursed with a black thumb. Doomed for plant purgatory, despite meticulously testing the soil's pH levels for optimum nutrition and playing Clair De Lune through the speakers by the pot.

Or maybe you just sort of suck, barely remembering to drink water yourself let alone feeding it to your plant?



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Whoever you are, your prayers have been answered. Because under our noses this whole time has been a plant warranty system here to take the guilt out of our kill streaks.

Beloved Aussie hardware chain Bunnings Warehouse offer what's called a "perfect plant promise" -- and it's the best thing since a sausage on sliced bread.

Essentially, the policy stipulates that if your Bunnings plant dies within 12 months of purchase, you can take it back for a refund or a replacement. Just make sure you hold onto your receipt.



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There's no official word on whether or not they'll accept receipts smothered in barbecue sauce, so it's probably best to avoid using it as a spare napkin from now on.

Once you take your shriveled disaster into the store, a staff member will assess it to determine if you qualify for the policy. It's important to note that the policy does not extend to seedlings.

This promise could be an absolute lifesaver for those who can't manage to save a life.

Although if you find yourself taking advantage of it a little too often, maybe it's time to reassess your life choices? Or simply try a low-maintenance snake plant instead.

10 daily have reached out to Bunnings for comment. 

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